Who's Your Daddy?


hi all been a while! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back stranger!
It’ been awhile.

Me too.

I’m your daddy

Jo Mama-

I really can’t say “Who’s your Daddy.”

best tip i can give you is ask your mum only she knows the truth :eek:

Welcome back Jamos, how are you doing?

Check your Birth Certificate…glad to see you’re back.

Hm… I never saw one.

Well spank my butt and send me to bed…Hi ya daddy !!! lmao

hey stranger long time…no see…

Me neither (I think)? :confused:

I thought you guys needed to present a Birth Certificate if you’re applying for
a passport or maybe about to be Married.

:iagree: Good night …honey…

hhmmm would she really considering her background

i thought jamos was muh daddy …or is it you ??? :confused:

Come to daddy…come to daddy…

oh you must be…cause the last time i was with Jamos…it was come 4 daddy…not to… :wink:

Oops! Wrong thread. I thought this was about the Who’s Your Daddy? porno flick. Nothing interesting here. Moving on. :bigsmile:

ignored…ooops sorry wrong thread… :slight_smile: