Who's your best boxing CHAMP

Here’s mind www.ali.com/ in his prime and now

Cassius Clay . Although I think after he changed his name he remains one of the best boxers of all time. Personally I don’t like him.
I think Randall “Tex” Cobb was one of the toughest.
He had one fight against the world champion at the time Holmes he lost but was still standing after the 15th round. I heard him say on the tonight show with Johnny Carson he thought he might win .He figured Holmes was getting so tired of hitting him Holmes would wear out .

I have to mention Joe Frasier as well.

here is mine

I’m with you cholla on personality Clay wasn’t the greatest but fight wise he held his own a long time.Now the yellow guy he maybe tough but can he follow the rules samlar.

Was not a fan of Clays but became a big fan of Ali. I lived in Louisville in his younger days and met him a few times. He was friendly, funny and an all around good guy. His boxing personna was a show and he wanted to get inside his opponents head. Best heavyweight ever. IMO

Though pound for pound the best boxer I remember was Sugar Ray Leonard.

Loved Ali, Frazier, Foreman…Not sure I agree about Leonard, but pound for pound, Julio Cesar Chavez in his prime…And slightly off-topic but since we’re talking boxing, I recently watched The Fighter, and it made me appreciate even more, the Ward vs Gotti battles…
Great flick!..

Tommy(Hit-Man) Hearns

There you go James home boy–he is one of the greats

[QUOTE=marloyd;2568323]There you go James home boy–he is one of the greats[/QUOTE]