Who's the blame - drive or media?



I’m running a Pioneer DVR109 with the latest firmware and just burned the last of my old (purchased over 1.5 years ago) stock of Plextor TY 16x.

Burned at 8x they returned excellent results (scanned on Plextor 716), PIE less than 10, no more than 15000 total, PIF 2 or less, no more than 700 total.

Now I crack open a spindle of new freshly purchased 16x TY from Plextor and burn a few discs. The results are quite horrible in comparison: PIE around 40, over 200000, PIF spikes of 5, at least 6000 total errors.

Did TY change the formula of Yuden T03’s and the DVR109, which hasn’t had a firmware update on Pioneer’s site for a while now, cannot handle it?

Or did TY drop dramatically in quality?

If it’s the latter, what media should I use? Primary concern is longevity of recorded data.



Are you sure your old media was 16x rated Taiyo Yuden? I don’t think the Plextor branded 16x DVD+R have been available (in Europe) for 1.5 years; I bought some (from SVP) at the end of November 2005 and that was soon after I first saw that they were available.

Could you tell us the batch/lot number of the old and the new media? This number should be TH00xxxx and is visible in the mirror band near the hub on the data side of the disc.


Yes, I am not sure when I bought them, I just gave an estimate from what I remember. It is a while ago already.

Edit: Oops forgot batch number - it’s TH000021. The latest spindles I got are however exactly the same batch number!



T03’s are a bit variable in this respect. I have a Verbatim spindle TH000021’s and they don’t scan very well either. That doesn’t mean they’re bad discs or won’t last very long though. I’m sure they’re perfectly usable discs. :slight_smile:


The weird thing is however that the previous spindles are also TH000021 and they scanned perfectly.

When PIFs start rising above 4 I am worried about how long they will last - there’s not much headroom left, whereas the old ones had plenty.

I just burned one with my Plex 716 - I normally only use it to scan - and upgraded the firmware to 1.10 which is very recent. The results are scanning as I write this and they are not pretty at all - PIE max 60, and already 100000 at only 25% scanned

If you can’t trust TY anymore, which media do you trust??



As this seems a media problem, I’m taking a png of a scan and post it in the media forum.



i have a few verb branded ty 16x +r (forgot the mid) laying around. those are giving me much worse results than mcc04 media + the media itself shows even worse bonding artefacts than the old 8x media from ty. i guess made in .jp is sth of the past now. those ty0002 (mid correct?) and tyg02 were great though.
nowadays it seems more like a question of quantity over quality when it comes to media :frowning:


Well, if my next few purchases of media go the same way as this load of … I’ll be switching to HD backups instead of optical media.

Price per GB is almost at the same level nowadays.