Who's ordering a Plextor 716 tomorrow?

I can’t wait to pre-order mine. Just wondering who else in the US will be getting one.

I got lucky on my second PX-712A.
I think I’ll wait to see if those arrows in your back prove to be fatal or not…

You got lucky eh? So how does a “lucky” Plextor 712A treat you?

Arrows in my back?

I’d like to buy one but I’m curious to see how much newegg.com will be selling it for. Depending on the price will determine if I’ll purchase one right away or wait until the price drops a bit. I’m debating if I should get the SATA version instead which won’t be released for a few more months.

…and which definitely will be more expensive at first. SATA drives should become standard next year though, so hopefully the prices for those drives will finally drop also.

Though I have an old 820internalSCSI , I now only buy the external versions of Plextor-recorders and who knows the release-date of that one = 716UF = 716USB/firewire ??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

right now I am extremely happy with my 712A so I think I will wait and see how the 716A performs before I take the plunge.

Yep - a real need to rush out and buy the latest goody because all the others already on the market are crap - even those we use daily. Can’t wait to be treated to problems with flaky original firmware too.

Come on - it may be good (or seem good) but it’s not that good!

Is black available at this time.

I can’t find anywhere to order it, and it’s the 16th? Any ideas for me? (In the US)

buy.com $136.99. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=10385554&loc=101&sp=1


I think I ordered one from buy.com, I might have ordered two. I placed an order and was waiting for a email to confirm the order and it never came so I went and placed it again and nothing… I hope I didnt order 2. Guess I’ll have to contact their tech support… Did anyone else that ordered one not get an email about the order?

you ordered 2.

Can I have 1?

Hamp, your late. I already email buy.com to send the second one to my address but still use darksatrun’s CC on file. LOL just kidding.

Well I just emailed them on getting one of them cancelled if it somehow says I get 2. I got a Autoreply from them so I know they got it. I hope they dont charge me for both. Did anyone on here order one from there yet? I think its odd that they dont show up on my account, on my bank account and they appear to still be in my “basket” on buy.com. Maybe none of them went threw. Does buy.com even send you an email everytime you place an order like most other online stores do?

I think you can cancel the order online, because it’s a pre-order. But I’m not 100% sure. Yes, they send an email confirming your order, and then another email “your buy.com order is on its way” after it shipped.

Well I placed the order for a third time and this one actually showed up on my account. Weird, maybe they were having technical difficulties or something. lol…Anyways, I hope Plextor releases this thing soon because I cant wait to play with my new toy…or 3 of them…lol