Who's on and why are they hiding?


If I haven’t found it yet, I’m sorry right up front, but I miss who’s on. It kind of always gave me an idea who was around and then chat with them through the chatbox. Just my 2 cents worth. I really can’t say I’m a fan of the change, not giving up on it yet and of course I don’t see the big picture and it’s not my finances at stake.


When you click on the three horizontal lines next to your icon on the main page of the forum, what do you see? My controls let me see users, which isn’t all that useful, and through the admin button, I can see more detailed results. But I don’t know what regular members see in that toolbox.


There are more categories, I just captured a few. Users doesn’t say who’s on.


Ok, thanks for the info Beef. It looks like only the mods and admins can see who is online at any given time.