Who's Lying - Plextor or Nero?


I just bought 100 Sony D11 Rev 00 disks with accucore. When I scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed, I get PIE, PIF, and POFs through the roof. PlexTools 2.19A tells a far different story. Which one is to be believed? Also, if I burn these disks with Nero CD-DVD Speed or Nero Proper, none of my drives can read the disks.


Sorry part of the scan is cut off. I wanted to upload html files from PlexTools but didn’t know how. All the information is available in them.

I think Nero may have a problem with these accucore disks if that’s possible.


This happens frequently especially in the recent BenQ -R 8x (SONY08D1). Generally, reading performance of DW1620 is great, but it seems that DW1620 is weak when jitter is high. But I have no experience like this with SONYD11@716.

Don’t mind, because our drive is not a professional measuring instrument.

Here’s some more scans. I burned this same disk as above on my NEC 1620A. The scans are good with PlexTools and horrible with Nero CD-DVD Speed.


Here’s my final scan with this particular media. I’ll tell you my own personal feelings at the end of the post . . .

Here I tried a scan with B7P9 firmware as opposed to B7T9. As you can see, the scan is even worse quality. Finally I tried a scan at 4X which was much better . . .

Here’s what I personally think: These disks are very poor quality. They cause vibration in my Plextor drive and scan poorly in Nero CD-DVD Speed when scanned at Maximum or 8X. At a lower speed, 4X, the results are much better. Still PlexTools produces much better scans apparently due to the slower speed 2XCLV. I think Sony no longer cares about quality control like they once did: case in point: I bought a Combo DVD/VHS player that was crap. I bought another of theirs later that was a little better. I think it’s basically a crap-shoot anymore, even with such names as Plextor. In an effort to keep costs down, they forgo the quality that made them a house-hold name.

I’ve been through 5 Plextor PX-716A’s to date. The one I now have is the best, but it’s not up to Plextor quality in my opinion. I find that they lack support for many medias that the PX-712A burned fine with at 12X. I have a PX-712A also. It’s maybe the last-best drive Plextor made. The drive will only burn at 16X on a very few medias and doesn’t really burn at 16X. There is a drop many times at the 4 gig mark. I’ve only found that Verbatim and True- Tayiou Uden (forgive me if I misspelled it) burn at 16X (but not really).

Will a firmware update fix the drive? We’ll have to wait and see, but already the NEC 3500A and the BenQ 1620 Pro already outshine the Plextor by a wide margin, at least in my mind.

One more thing, Plextor must not like us here in America. We get a generic black faceplate without a logo and in Europe, the faceplate bears the proud Plextor logo.

So there you have it if anyone really cares. :slight_smile:


I guess I spoke too soon. The drive I now have which I bought from Best Buy Friday is now vibrating badly with every disk I put into it. I’m going to take this drive back too and not buy another one. I have a TLA 0101 that Plextor sent me after I RMA’d the first one I bought. What a problematic drive this is. I wish I’d never bought the first one. I’ve bought Plextor drives since the early 90s and never had these kinds of problems with their drives . . .


I said that I’d posted my last post in this thread but I just downloaded the beta 1j04 beta firmware and did a new write and scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed. This is much more favorable. The media is speeded up from 8X to 12X. Starting to look more like a Plextor.

It’s sad that I have to keep replying to my own post. 600 + reads and 1 reply.


Man you are so beyond me it ain’t funny! I’m just trying to deliver a good DVD to clients that I film for. :frowning:

MarkA, your scans are a common ‘problem’. The thing with PI/PO scanning is that the results are not always comparable and thus, you’ll have to take them with a grain of salt. PI/PO scans performed by different drives and different software applications can show a complete different result. Which one is lying? None really because the generated picture shows how that particular drive can read that particular disc. Some drives may like different discs better than others, nothing you can do about this. Often, the results are more comparable if you use high quality media. Lower quality media can show very different results as you’ve already concluded. So, how can you determine if the recorded disc is acceptable? Well, I personally think it’s best to do a Read Transfer Rate test after the disc has been burned and preferably in a drive that is very sensitive to errors. I, for instance, used to use a Plextor PX-504A which was a poor reader when it came to low quality media. If this drive could read my discs, the disc was burned alright. But, now I don’t have this option anymore since I switched to a barebone computer which only has one optical drive in it. Now, I use my PX-716A to do a Read Transfer Rate test as an indication. This is good enough for me since I never came across a disc that my Plextor PX-716A could read, but couldn’t be read by my standalone DVD player. Hope this info helps you a little!

Thanks G@M3FR3@K for the reply. I did subsequent tests with this particular media and, as usual, I drew my conclusion too hastily. Later burns with this particular media started the burn and sometimes at 2 gigs the write speed would drop to 4X. This media is either pure garbage or so new that the drives don’t know what to do with it. It seems to be the Accucore. Maybe the drives can’t follow their predefined lands and pits. But with Plextor PiPo scans, they seem alright. The read tests drop way off at the end of the disks even with the Plextor drive though.

I get much better writes and reads on my Taiyo Yuden disks made by Sony, Fugi, and TDK. I haven’t found a -R disk yet that will burn at 12X or 16X. I wish they would print somewhere on the labeling what kind of disk it is we’re buying. Generally though, I find media made in Japan far superior to what is made in Taiwan. I never knew this until I started frequenting the forum. I’ve really learned a lot from you guys. I guess ignorance is bliss. I just used to see if I could read my backups made with Drive Image and if I could, I left it at that and was happy. I think I’ve now turned into a PiPo Junkie. :slight_smile: It seems Zevia has compelled me . . .


Gather `round the good stuff . . .

Power Record ON, Autostrategy On, TLA 0101, Firmware 1j04.

Here’s a scan of a disk: Sony Branded 8X DVD +R, Made In Japan. The disks are Taiyo Yuden 02. The last Scan is the same burn but run at 4X instead of the maximum of 8. The difference may be negligible, but there is a difference in the PIE. Running a PlexTools Scan would be much better than these 2 because it scans at 2X . . .