Who's king of the hill with optical drives?

So, if I were to get an after-market cd/dvd burner which brand should I go with that’s dependable, durable, reliable, and just full of awesomeness? Is Liteon still king of the hill? :disagree:

keep reading differents threads, you will probably find an answer by yourself.
With this kind of question you will just end up with all the existing brands in the market to chose between…

after having that lite-on 812s i’m never buying another one again >.< i don’t think i made more than two decent burns. since when have they been king of the hill? from what i can tell the benq is right now


BenQ, NEC, and Lite-On are all good contenders for king of the hill.

As is LG. As mentioned, you need to be more specific as to what you plan to do. If you want to scan go for Liteon or BenQ. If you want a lot of firmware options, you need to look at NEC or Liteon 1693. If you just use TY +R 8X any drive in the bunch will deliver the same quality of burn; however -R is another story. If you want +RW burning, the NECs are best. If you want top speed ripping, Liteon and BenQ again. Will you use cheap media? Now it is a different discussion. See what we mean.

And don’t forget Plextor yet, the original King maker of optical drives. Toshiba and Samsung haven’t given it up yet, either. Pioneer was the first manufacturer of write-once DVD recorders and Matsushita and Hitachi still have great influence and marketshare in the world’s optical drive market.

Plextor = paper weight :slight_smile:

My Pioneer 110 performs better than my benq 1640, they both have very good aftermarket firmware support. The Pioneer 111 is also showing up across the globe.


My paper weight PX-712A is my most dependable drive (see sig).

i try to avoid the companies who rebadge drives, just more expensive stuff with a fancy name. also don’t buy rebadged discs unless they are the cheapo~

firmware for the 1640 has died
…holy shit the vodka just sat in as i was typing…forgive me…

what do you mean by firmware support?

No more new firmware!!!