Who's got SLI running?

Its funny AMD makes the decision to go dual core and intel must follow oh and not to mention the “BTX” standard was never invented to cool hot Dual Core CPus better it was an idea to cool the present Intel CPUs and i would say its not really loved by most companies.
When i look at the most manufacturers i would say btx isnt really that welcome.

Anything wrong with that? In the end, Intel still beat AMD at their own game. Smithfield will be released this spring before we see any AMD dual core counterpart.

Yeah well everyone knows that Intel are only making BTX cases so they can up the clock speed on there extremely hot CPUs, suppose there worried because AMD seem to have far cooler CPUs at a performance either better or the same as the lastest Pentium chips, so if they keep increasing the core speed then Intel might lose market share. Well AMD haven’t got any plans in the near future to support BTX, and theres only been a couple of motherboards that fit to that standard so far. I think companies will catch on to it eventually though…maybe.

I think for the near future, Intel should focus a bit more on its Pentium M processor, the test results look very promising, a chip thats very cool, with low core voltage and performance similar to desktop CPUs for most things, you never know, if the Pentium M is successful then it might kill of BTX as nobody would see the need for it.

I would like to see Pentium M processors released for desktop PC market but it wouldn’t replace the current Penitum 4 processors.

Look at this link kenshin


Or this

The latest UK version of PC Format magazine also gave the Pentium M a big vote of approval.

That’s a very good news since Pentium M motherboards are quite expensive and rare. I hope the kit’s price won’t be too high.

ASUS did not reveal any details about pricing and availability of the ASUS Upgrade Kit CT-479 kit.

I haven’t seen a reseller advertising Pentium M processors in South Korea though. They seem to be a little popular in Japan.

They look quite promising, performance comparable to pentium 4 and with none of the heat and power issues. Although the pentium 4 is faster than it for some things (like photoshop), the M is faster for games due to its shorter pipelines. It hasn’t got as much cache and the bus isn’t as fast but if intel increase these then they’ll be on to a winner for sure.

Lothario i dont think thats right AMD has announced a dual core cpu but not the announcement is the important thing they already have practical a cpu and they have showed it so i think Intel isnt that fast like everyone thinks.
In the time when AMD announced there dual core cpus Intel as still working n an solution to cool the “new” P4 CPUs.

I dont think either intel or amd are bad and i hope for both that the mobile cpu technology comes in the near future to desktop systems the performance from both cpus isnt that far away from each other so there is effectively no point in bragging about the products.

I think the boards an cpus with mobile technology are the future of cpus and dual core technology but the prices are hgher then on normal bards and cus so i think it needs quite some time before that happens (in my personal opinion the had many chances to integrate the mobilke technology in current prducts but they dont want to pay more for the production of those things and i think thats stupid when i think about the effective use)

One Question i have: Whats the point in having two Grafikcards when you can buy a better one way solution with the money ?
Is it really that better to use the sli feature or is it just a reason to get more money for an sli board ? XD

Showing a physical chip is one thing. Showing it actually running on windows and releasing it 1st is another thing.
Intel’s desktop roadmap says Dualcore Q2 2005
Amd’s desktop roadmap says Dualcore Q3 2005

Care to take a guess who’s releasing dual core first?
hint whichever has Q2 hint

In the time when AMD announced there dual core cpus Intel as still working n an solution to cool the “new” P4 CPUs.

You’ve been living under a rock?

actually two SLI cards (provided they are the fastest models, think 6800) are almost twice as fast as any card by itself, if you really want the best performance and you have a big enough budget then you could go for it and live in graphics heaven for a few months till the next generation of cards come out. Personally i think its a good idea but it is very very expensive and to be honest i think it isn’t really worth getting it.

Twice as fast is far from it actually. More like 60-75% faster in a handful of games.

SLI’s are completely useless unless you decide to go the highest end by getting 2x 6800 Ultras.
2x 6600GT SLI’s are a waste. High noise, heat and power consumption for a more expensive solution.

Tries to imagine 2x X800XL running on AMR.

I have 2 BFG 6800gt’s in an SLI config and I think it is pretty darn awesome, performance-wise. Anything but ultra’s a waste? I think not. The 6800gt’s are the best performance to cost SLI setup you can get. Mind you, though, it is still pretty expensive. But I do love my setup.


Spending $1100 for 2 graphics cards and an SLI motherboard for only a 50% performance increase in a few games over a single card solution at 1600x1200 with AA/AF.
I must commend you on your purchase :bow:

BTW…You’re correct in saying they are the most “cost effective” SLI solution, but SLI itself isn’t cost effective at all so… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s only money, right? :wink:

well i did say almost! i remember seeing the tests for them and there being around 75% faster but that was on alpha drivers so i presumed the performance would have increased on retail drivers but guess not. anyone who can spend that much on two graphics card is well and truly a king amoung men! i would love to spend that much, but i have food to buy and a hungry phone bill monster to feed.