Who's got SLI running?

Allright, who alread has two NVidia cards running in SLI?

Which cards do you have and was it worth your money?

SLI is available for a while now and I haven’t seen anyone here on CDFreaks mentioning it.

So are you the first on CDFreaks that has SLI running?

don’t think you’ll find many…there pretty hard to get and very expensive, but i seen a review of a new board with dual GPU’s (kind of like the flop that was the voodoo5 6000 quad GPU card), its supposed to have similar performance to SLI but without such a high price tag, mind you i think its only $40 difference!

SLI is going to be a big flop. Why buy two cards when if you can afford the two you could just buy one really good card with good performance?

well i’ve seen the test results, it does almost double the performance, but its at such a high price as to be not worth it, i agree why bother, give it a year, you’ll have single cards that are just as powerful as two of todays cards in SLI (well like i mentioned, you have that new dual GPU card already), most people don’t need that kind of performance, not unless your planning on playing half life 2 at high res.

I’m not saying it has a good price/performance ratio, but there are always peolpe who wants the best of the best no matter the costs.

@acid, you can run 2 Geforce6800 Ultra’s 256Mb (available in The Netherlands) in SLI … can you show me one card that is just as fast as those two together??

@crustyteacup, you’re talking about the Gigabyte card with two GPU’s on one card. I wouldn’t buy that, but in the future it’s (maybe) possible to put two of those cards in SLI, which means 4 GPU’s!!! *Check it here *
If they could make such a card with 2 Geforce6800 Ultra’s then you could have 4 of those in SLI!!

Again who needs it to play Doom3 or HalfLife 2 with 500fps, but than again there will always be people who wants … I would if I had the money for it. :bigsmile: :iagree:

But think off the new games that can be developed with such powerfull graphic cards!!

So I guess no-one has SLI at the moment?? :confused:

I’m anxient about what ATI will bring us with there “SLI” equivalent.

My point was that you only need one of those Geforce6800 Ultra 256Mb cards and your games will run very well. Save your money that you might have spent on an extra card and spend it on a new one in a years time when better cards are available that could play the latest games at that time.

you can’t put four GPU’s on two seperate PCI express slots, the gigabyte card is basically SLI, it has an internal SLI link not an external one like the nvidia ones, and you can’t have two SLI links on two PCI express slots, SLI will only support two GPU’s at one time. I’d rather get that than two SLI cards, takes up less space, costs less and the performance is similar to the nvidia SLI, makes about as much noise and as much heat though.

I’m not saying its not a good idea, its just that the performance isn’t worth the price.

i could certantly use the performance boost. But its to much $$$. A single 6800 ultra doesnt cut it for me.

damn, how much performance are you looking!!! i’m stuck with a rubbish geforce 5600, i’m lucky if i can play ultimate doom on this thing! its been posted on the forum that a new gainward (me thinks anyway) board is due out with 512mb of RAM onboard, it supports SLI, hows that for performance, a total of 1GB of RAM, twice as much as my PC’s, mind you i think it said it needs water cooling…

For that much, I would rather have this:

Xeon 3.2GHz with 2MB L2.

You wont get very far even with a Xeon in software rendering though :stuck_out_tongue:

I would probably get a single 6800gt or ultra now, as they play todays games at high resolutions already. two cards running at sli might not benefit now, but the option to upgrade later might be a good idea especially since the price will drop as the newer cards come out. plus i wonder if system memory and current cpus would bottleneck two cards, reducing any advantage.

kenshin, if you have that CPU, i’m afraid i’m going to have to shoot you…

You find that most games don’t require a fast CPU provided you have a decent graphics card. So if you had the lastest Geforce card, with a 2Ghz CPU it would run games at the same frame rates as a 3.8Ghz machine with the same card etc. This is true for most games. However Far Cry for example can challenge even two SLI cards, if you have all your filtering on at 8x and at high res, then its entirely CPU dependant on whether you will get decent frame rates or not. So yes they can bottleneck your performance but only if you play something like Far Cry like that. Most people don’t though i’m sure.

I don’t play games, sorry. :slight_smile: The new series of Intel processors with 2MB L2 cache are not on sale in South Korea. The picture was from Impress, taken from a shop in Tokyo.

BTW, I read someone posting test results with NF4 Ultra motherboard modified to work like NF4 SLI to use two cards. It does work well. I also found someone making a 3.8GHz P4 work at 7.2GHz. Could we combine the two? :bigsmile:

starting to drool here…

Thake 2 6600gt in SLI like my friend has. very nice rig. A64 4000+ with 1gig of hyper X and his 2 6600GT’s out do my one 6800GT and he spent less money on video cards than I did on my 1 6800GT has has better game play. but he did buy a hole new machine to do it.

If you are building a new PC 2 6600GT’s or 6800 non GT/ultra can be less than 600USD and less than a 6800U and be better performance.

I think your thinking of older generation games. Because that is totally wrong when it comes to newer games like farcy as you said, and counter strike source, farcry, chaos theory, etc. Most new games now are bottle necked by a slower cpu. below 2.4 will bottle neck most of these games if your trying to play on high quality graphics.

Also SLI on 6600s just seems a bit pointless. I mean the SLI itself brings down your performance a bit anyways, but its is interesting that you say its cheaper than a 6800gt. Regardless of the price your much better off to just get a 6800 ultra or 6800gt than to try and sli some 6600s.

what i meant was it does no difference at lower res and detail (e.g Farcry in 1024x768) for example. I’ve seen those tests done. However obviously at higher detail and res, it makes all the difference and even for Farcry the CPU does become the bottleneck, but i made the point that most people probably don’t put a high res etc on newer games anyway so the CPU speed will make little difference to them.

Roll on dual processors then…

dual processors eh? I thought that games dinnt really support dual processors, and that they were more for servers who run like 4x 3.2ghz xeons.

I should of said dual core processors. Intel didn’t release a 4Ghz CPU as it ran way to hot, so they’ve decided that the next “big” thing is going to be dual core processors, where each core will run slower than todays fastest processors. So over the next few years, games will start to support them and take advantage of there extra power. Thats why they invented the BTX standard of cases, with a hugh heatsink and fan bolted onto the case, every part of a PC is getting hotter.