Who's going to have this "inside"?

Nehalem and the X58 chipset will be available real soon, September is the ETA.

The new Intel Nehalem CPU will require a new motherboard (X58) and DDR3 memory. Nehalem’s internal memory controller supports triple channel DDR3 memory and will need a triple channel DDR3 memory configuration to get the best out of it.

So who will be investing in this new platform and, when?

Hmm it’s something to think about for sure.

DDR3 prices have really dropped ~$100 for 2x1GB

Now how much will the Nehalem CPU and the X58 Boards cost?

Nehalem will be expensive to start with. I’ve seen suggested prices of $1500 for the extreme edition. Motherboards should not be more expensive than a typical X48 board. P55 chipsets will follow and should be less expensive.

One thing that is not yet clear.
Overclocking may only be available on the Nehalem extreme.
The FSB has gone from the platform and has been replaced by QuickPath, so it’s still not clear if non extreme versions can be overclocked.

I also guess we should start calling this new CPU [B]Intel Core i7[/B] rather than Nehalem. :smiley:

First, benchmarks, then prices have to come down. DDR3 has to mature a bit more as well.

I’m pretty sure they will have server chips first, so it will still be a while till chips are available for the rest of us.

Prices don’t look too bad Wikipedia

For me, it will be a long time. Just ordered an e7200 thats going to get some surgery and the IHS removed, hehe, instant 20C temp drop. :evil:

Hmm…Quickpath… sounds like a page taken out of the AMD playbook :wink:

Named for the largest river system in NW Oregon.
Say Na-hay-lum or you’re a tourist.
(Also the name of a native American tribe)

Intel has a large presence here and they like to use Oregon rivers for code names.

Nope not me I’ll just stick with my trusted old friend AMD :iagree:

Why triple-channel DDR3? Intel scratching for bandwidth? So their new chips will suffer the same fate as every chip previously? Poor bandwidth management.
So to get extra ram, you need more slots on your mobo? I was of the understanding that motherboard real-estate was of a premium …
Lucky they’ve done away with floppy disk drive & ide headers, aye?
And I guess it paves the way for weird memory capacities …

AMD CPU’s have been bandwidth efficient since the K6’s … and speed was only subtly influenced by the ram bandwidth.

I know I am looking into this when available. As I need a new build :smiley:

I wont, my rig is still very fast for me and I am a long way from maxing out its speed with overclocking. All that it would bring me is a spending money on stuff I dont currently need.