Whoopiee dooo, disk crash!

Okay, it’s a commonly known fact that most electronic stuff is programmed to self destruct a couple of days after warrany ends. Sometimes it something goes wrong and your equipment is usable even after warranty ends but that’s uncommon. So lets turn this into a competition! yay! the task is to guess the total number of days it took for my drive to die after the warranty ended.


Can you please post your sources for this very serious comment ?

I have hard drives and many electronic components here that are way past their waranty and I’m talking many many yeasrs, and they are still working just fine. If what you say is true then most of the stuff out there would stop working 1 year after purchase… :slight_smile:

You have ended up with a lemon. It is known that if your electronic component lasts beyond 9 to 12 months it is a keeper - there are always exceptions mind you.

Now as long as you promise a decent prize, I will take a lucky guess.

1 day

Now for my prize ?

550 days? a few days after 18 month warenty?

5 days though today was good i got the replacemnet for my 160GB HDD which died better than the two 120GB HDDs that went tits up a month after the warranty ended.

A ‘warranty’ is in addition to your statutory consumer rights.

In this case, because the service life of current HDDs is usually around 5 years, with a population MTBF of approximately 115 years, you have considerable grounds for a replacement drive.

If you promise to make a claim to the retailer, then we’ll promise in the meantime to keep guessing…

Two days.

1 day! What do I win?

ooh interesting guesses… but so far no one has been correct. Prize will be given to the winner tomorrow!

The same day.

i am going to say since hes still waiting on a correct guess…its less than 5 more than 2 …sooo mine would be 4 days

Three days :stuck_out_tongue:

64.2 minutes

We have a winner! or two actualy the warranty ended Tuesday last week (it was the last day under warranty) then the drive worked until mid saturday. making it 3.5 days making S_S and debro winners! And here is your prize.

Which brand and model

it’s must be segate :stuck_out_tongue: … i guess :P,

ohh BTW
my old HDD 30GB …died after 666 days of using :stuck_out_tongue: ant it’s true … old Quantum Fireball 30GB :stuck_out_tongue:

666 days and a name like Fireball, truly a demonic harddrive!

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Western Digital 120GB

My current disk is a segate 200GB, hope that one lasts a while.