Whoop, there it is ! CloneCD

I just posted the article Whoop, there it is ! CloneCD

Submitted by: Oliver Kastl
Source: http://www.elby.de

CloneCD is released and available at http://www.elby.de

Here is the Changelog:

Version, 03May2000

New features:…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/466-Whoop-there-it-is--CloneCD-2_2_1_1.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/466-Whoop-there-it-is--CloneCD-2_2_1_1.html)

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Oh, great, another wonderful version of Clone that doesen’t support matsushita 7502 in spite of what the in spite of the “info about used device” says. So, when will elaborate bytes pay attention to non-plextor buyers? =P

oops! Please, erase the double “in spite of” in the second line… :slight_smile:

I guess I should have bought a plextor burner (maybe not) instead of my mitsumi burner.
Maybe your matsushita 7502 will be supported in version 3 10^3.

I wonder how registered and paying customers react to all these updates/new versions ?

Kosh :slight_smile:

Yeah, i wonder to…

Yeah cool dudes,

and the crackloader is out!!
for the new one!!
its a TNT crack again…

I am Happy I just got my Plextor PX-124TS Oli is the man I need serial for CloneCD please

I also have the matsushita 7502 and What I have heard is it a common burner so there will be many happy matsushita owners when it’s supperted.

Try http://www.cdrsoft.net

And whats this with the date??? 7)

Well does that reg key work? Looks like a boguz key to me… And where can I get the loader for this verzion of CloneCD? What I would like its some support for the shitty LG CD-roms since most computerz have them as they are cheap OEM’s…

the dates go crazy :smiley:

Wookie: first TEST things before you post them. Serial from cdrsoft is not working.

Wookie, does that serial work??

If it does, thanks!

Well, it doesn’t work, Wookie

The key you’ve entered is invalid…

tHE SERIAL isn’t working

The key worked for me! :slight_smile:

PC-King 0011


Ok here go the requested new Crack for CloneCD v2.203 by DzA kRaKeR!.
Expect a new CloneCD in next two or three days


Get the old version of CloneCD at:


And tonight also at members.quickonline.nl/~gamefreak [Dutch]

Serial will work met this version!

Credits go to: TheNetMatch

Hum… I think that if you’re not a registered user, you can’t complain about the “too-many-releases” thingy … but if and when a new release comes in with substantial new features (or correct them…) it’s a needed one for me (I paid for it !). Moreover, I think Olli is just defending his work, so do not bother him and remember that every hour spent on a new protection layer is an hour less in the real development of the CloneCd ! And that HURTS the interest of people like me, who paid for the stuff.

When Will SCSI CD Writers be supported that can read and write the RAW format as is required by CD Clone