Wholesale CD/DVD media

Where would one go to buy blank CD/DVDs wholesale? Where do companies that sell them to end users like us buy theirs from? I’m talking about a few 1000 discs minimum.

Not sure about wholesale - a few 1000 discs isn’t quite wholesale level for many of the mail-order houses. A few mention to call them if you want larger (>1000) quanties. Try www.cddimensions.com, www.meritline.com or www.rima.com.

Wholesale is based on Min Order 20’ or 40’ Container.
FOB Taiwan/Hong Kong/ Thailand…

Otherwise, check the list below.

OIC. I was actually planning on approaching my university’s union shop and offering to source their CDs for them. They sell theirs at about £0.25 (~$0.50) cents per CD so if I find a cheaper wholesale source I could let them sell it cheaper.

But I think even if they do accept such a deal, a container of them might be too much. Still, it would be interesting to know a wholesale retailer if only to check the mark-up retailers make on CD/DVDs