Whole bunch of new firmwares

I just made a small update to our site and added some firmwares. Most of them are still untested. As always original and RPC1 version are available and where needed Riplock too of course.

[li]ND3520A: 3.07 Bitsetting Firmware
[/li][li]ND3540A: 1.04 Bitsetting Firmware
[/li][li]ND3551A: 2.01 Bitsetting Firmware
[/li][li]ND4550A: 1.29 Firmware
[/li][li]ND4551A: 1-21 and 1-22 Firmware
[/li][li]ND4570A: 1.02 Bitsetting Firmware
[/li][li]ND4571A: 1-01 Bitsetting Firmware
[/li][li]ND6500A: 203d and 403d Firmware
[/li][li]ND6750A: 2.01 Bitsetting Firmware, 2.P1 Firmware
[/li][li]ND7550A: 1.01 Bitsetting Firmware, 1.P1 and 1.32 Firmware
[/li][li]ND7551A: fixed small bug in 1-02 Bitsetting Firmware.

Please note that some of the modified firmwares will NOT work on crossflashed drives

Thanks a lot Liggy. :clap:


Works now tnx

Superb! :smiley:

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

@Liggy, 3520 307 bitsetting downloads don’t work. (fixed)
3551 2.01 bitsetting downloads don’t work (fixed)
6500 203d and 403d downloads don’t work


the links for the 307 bitsetting firmware dont work :slight_smile:


Tried to download
ND4570A: 1.02 Bitsetting Firmware
but when opening the File with Winzip - it shows that it is corrupt.
I checked previous downloaded files from your site - they also are
This never happens with download from other sites.
I am doing it with IE and ‘file save as’… and not with downloadmanagers.

Is there something special required to download files from your site?

You should re-download them or use WinRAR 3.x.

Both appear perfect here.

From the “front page” of our site.

Please do not try to use the right mouse button and “save as” for downloading from outside the disclaimer. This will not work! You might as well have to disable download accelerator software as these programs can cause problems too.

I don’t know what happens - I do Gigs of Downloads per month
and everything is fine … and use WINZIP for ZIP-Files for ages now.
I downloaded the files twice now… no result.

I tried with IE, Maxthon, Firefox and Opera!
Give it up now.

Liggy, could you check this please.

You could also try my site for downloads :wink:

thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks. From your site it was never a problem - but when I looked there, the files were not yet there. Maybe now they are… :slight_smile:

No updates for 3500? :frowning:

thank you :slight_smile:

Much thanks guys. Now I can burn my YUDENs. :clap: :smiley: :bigsmile:


Great, Liggy!!!

Thank u!