Who would you wanna be?

hi i made this threat couse i wanted to know who you wanna be :stuck_out_tongue:

you chose from:

  • movies, chatackters.
  • animé, charackters.
  • game, charackters.
  • serie from tv, charackters.
  • actors.
  • friends, classmates, clollege’s.

(sorry if i cant place this thread here)

I wanna be whoever is boning Jennifer Love Hewitt. :bow:

i wanna be korusaki ichigo out of the animé bleach dang i love his powers :stuck_out_tongue:

Tom Cruise, but without the Scientology crap.

Bill Gates :smiley:

Myself is already good :wink:


Failing that, someone with a better PC than the ones I use :bigsmile:

a steve jobs with supernatural powers, to shoot myself, then come back to life as sir howard stringer and take over the world :a bwahaha

or failing that…to be spiderman with the powers of venom :bigsmile:

myself, 10 years ago with the experience I have now

Hmm…that’s tempting.

But I’d like to be someone living on an island that I controlled… no speed cameras, no taxes or council rates, no politicians like John Howard :Z , and be rich and able to shop on the mainland whenever I want.

I was going to say that I want to be hung like John Holmes but that would be a physical impossibility! :bigsmile:

well, actually this is a very good answer :iagree: :iagree:

Brandon Heat from GunGrave.

Yep, I agree! :iagree:

I dont… i wouldnt have any use for the info at that age

Are you sure? With some infos that I have now surely I could avoid some stupid things that I did… (sorry for grammar :frowning: )

yep… id be 8

I was 21 ten years ago, so the stuff I know now would have come in very handy!

Hi :slight_smile:
But just think how crap your pc would be, or that of the person you thought you’d rather be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make that 15 yeras and we’d have a deal :slight_smile:

That had crossed my mind…no matter how crap my two beasts are, I’d miss them badly :sad: