Who would you like to be for a day

You have 24 hours to be anyone or anything you choose , say what/whom and the reason why

I would like to be my b/f…jsut to have someone bring me beers while i loll on the sofa watching the match, to have control of the remote control , to be able to fix my pc when it goes wrong,to be able to leave the loo seat up…etc etc etc

You, so I could have your sex life. Is your boyfriend hot?

I’d like to be Norty’s panties for 24 hours! :iagree: :bigsmile: :wink:

Hey no talk of pants here, pants is not a person! Question was who you’d like to be! :wink:
Only for a day I’d want to be Bill Gates and I’d then write over half of his fortune on myself, so when I return to my normal me I am filthy rich! And I’d make statements like “FIREFOX RULES!!!11” and charter a plane to Japan where I’d eat sushi and get a hangover on genuine sake.

Should I have had a GF (not gamefreak) I would maybe want to be her for 24h. A good thing would be I might be able to understand womens mind then, a bad thing would be I might be able to understand womens minds. Not sure if I want to understand them (honestly thats part of the fun :))
On the other hand I might get a period if I time it bad. Then I’d be really freaked out.

Nah my plan to strip Bill of his money is for the better good I think…

They have minds? You mean they aren’t 100% emotional rollercoaster! No way! You lie!

I’d like to be God, so I could turn back time, and swap linus Torvalds for Bill Gates, then go further back in time & shoot the guy who thought of the whole clothes concept :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, of course, I’d also eliminate world poverty and make it rain in the desert :wink: Grow a few trees, and then also redesign guns so that they all shoot backwards :slight_smile: Maybe setup a few fireworks to go off in the white house … U know :wink: Fun things. Then of course, there’s the whole parting the soup thing :bigsmile:

I’d like to be Rocco Siffredi (the Michael Jordan of p0rn). :bow:

good choice gil ,rocco rulez :slight_smile:

Are your Modelatol powers failing Airhead. Ah the title and first paragraph don’t match.

Maybe Angelian Jolie. I would stay in bed allday and do stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Woah anything! Then I’d be a fudge.

I heard he was retiring. The reason: he just wanted to spend more time with his son. I wish he was my dad.

Ecclestone. I would get rid of all those stupid rules in the Formula 1 and make it a sport again that’s fun to watch.

i would like to be DoMi so i could make me a moderatol :):):slight_smile:

I think you’re both the same size anyway :bigsmile:

A … 19 year old girl with toys :slight_smile:

I’ll call you Barbie from now on

Ok, as long as I get to meet her friends :smiley:

Sure thing Barbie, i’ll notify plastic Ken right away.


Heheh :stuck_out_tongue:

what? how big is DoMi? :confused: