Who wins? It's football related and it's decided on "wednesday"

Ah yes, if you havent figured it out yet, it starts with Champions and ends with League. From there it does NOT continue with “of extraordinary gentlemen”. My money is on the spaniards (even though they’re almost out of spaniards in the A-team) in red and blue.

Have you heard of the soccer storming in Italy? :Z

You mean the whole Juventus farm story?

I foresee the ref being given a knuckle sandwich! Lucky guy :wink:

Yes, but not only Juventus is involved (it seems :rolleyes: )

beer chilled,chips,…
anyone remember last year’s final?3-0 @ 45 mins,3-3 @ 90 mins what a game!

I think it will be Arsenal who wins, but i won’t be betting on it. :slight_smile:

I’d hope it would be Arsenal, but I too won’t be putting any money on it! :slight_smile:

i’m hoping barca wins, as they’ll do us a favor for the CL next year

Go Barcelona. Can´t be having Arsenal winning.

Ronaldinho is enough for the whole arsenal team!
Barca wins.

hey i’m cheering on the Arsenal !

Arsenal to win

Barcelona are to strong for Arsenal. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Rooting for Barcelona

Go and kick their ARSE

both are great teams but I guess Barca will win

I have no idea! Go Barcelona!


Meanwhile, there’s this poor guy

Hehe sucks to be a linesman. All you get is that silly flag :cool:

Larsson with the beautiful firstname Henrik!

The referee DEFINITELY won !!!