Who will win the Treble by chance

Me a big ManU fan and was a little dissapointed when we had a bad year and ended up with no cup. But this year things have taken a change, both Liverpool and Arsenal have taken a beating and have lost more games, which no doubt surprises everyone.

Everyone put ManU down, said we were doomed and the rest, well the tables have been turned.

ManU beat both of those teams which everyone thought was impossible. Liverpool was classed as the best football team ever and turned ManU over and over again, until we made strike back and beat them. The gunners went down in flames as well. We just had a nice win against West Ham 3-0.

Liverpool, the best football team can’t win the Treble they were knocked out of the European League.

ManU are still in the European League(Home/away) still in with a 99% chance of winning the Premier League(Home/away) 7 or 8 games undefeated and then there is the FA Cup. If ManU by chance pulled this off, we would be the the 1st team in History too win the Treble twice. I know its early days but the more games we win the bigger the gap grows in points, plus we have one of the worlds best football squads.

Quote" Alex Ferguson" You need to have a great set of players
and if you don’t have have that you
don’t get the success.

Quote “Fox Mulder” I believe