Who wants to be a millionaire V2 dvd unrecogniseable?

Right complex one this who wants to to be a millionaire dvd. Not the game for a pc but the version for your home dvd player. Loads of film sequences etc.

Its css protected so you must use the any dvd to read it but clone dvd doesnt even recognise the disc.

It allows you to get to the select which drive your disc is in then attempts to read it and errors with please ensure all the input files are available and that they represent a properly mastered dvd.

Title decoder 3.

Ive just used dvd decrypter and nero and just done a perfect backup of the disc and it plays runs 100% etc. Clone dvd shows all the menus disc structure the works but simply point blank refuses to do anything else once the disc is selected.

upto date anydvd and upto date clonedvd used.

anymore info you need from the disc please ask.

Checked any dvd it has upto key 48 and all keys css bits check out okay and key extracted so it shows.

quick update it shows every single track it can play in the 48 segments all at 0 minutes long. As far as it can see the disc is empty?

clone dvd says invalid ifo format entries and invalid title unit entries when trying but bypasses them still all files report no run length?

Yeah, I tried to back this one up recently. Everything went smoothly and I didn’t give it a second thought.
But when I came to play the disc in the standalone it didn’t work.
However, I can read and explore the disc and all the files are there.
I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board with this one and try again, so let me know if you have any luck.
I used latest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 the first time around.

yeah backed it up with clone dvd absolutely wrecks the copy totally will not playback at all in any shape or form.

No options i have work in it. As you say copies the files but shagged up clone of it.

This some kind of new protection me thinks?

use clonecd it backs up no problem


CloneCD might indeed be a better choice for such structural complex discs, as it simply copies 1:1 without looking at the structure.

An alternative could be using CloneDVD’s third button, “Write existing Data”, which bypasses the transcoder and remuxer. This is not so low level as CloneCD as it still uses the ISO/UDF formatter, but I believe this should work as well.

I didn’t realise CloneCD writes to DVD?

It does since version 5.

Hi All
Im new to these forums.just thought i`d let you know
how i copied wwtbam dvd 2nd edition
DVD decryptor read in ISO mode and then write in ISO mode
Hey Presto a perfect copy.
Hope this helps

Yes its a DVD5 and can be backed up with dvd decryptor iso read and write (this is the way i did it) and i would assume any iso software would do this also…