Who wants to be a millionaire 4th edition

Hi i am newbie to forum and please accept my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place,my problem is i am trying to do a backup of who wants to be a millionaire 4th edition,have tried first with clone dvd and any dvd,when ripps the disc no video files or audio files ripped,just chapters of nothing,have ripped to hard disc ok and opened with dvd shrink,quite a few of the files are non compressible,opened thes files in preview screen and they do not appear to have anything on them,a few show like a watermark,have removed thes files by reauthoring and tried to backup back to hard drive,i thought that if i backed up to hard drive then reopened in dvd shrink without the uncompressable file would then compress ok,the problem is that when i try to backup to hard drive without the files in place dvd shrink encounters problem after about 5%
Has anybody backed up this disc ok or does anybody have any suggestions