Who wants beer?!



I think the answer is ‘everyone’!!

so here is a little game- found it and thought others would want to give it try.


have given it a go, but not got to the end yet. good luck people!! :slight_smile:


got to the end wants your email and a reason why you love beer


Yep, the questions weren’t that difficult.

Answers are below.

B, D, A, C, C, D, A, C, A


Quite funny…!

I think I’ll be getting me a beer… I bought some beer in Italy called “Hell beer”. Quite alright :slight_smile:


You didn’t cheated with the answers did you. :wink:


I never cheat :wink:


Of course not, neither do I.


have to admit i had a few goes :o but hey i always go at least twice ask the missus :smiley: