Who uses labels on Media?

I have read a bunch of crazy opinions that are all over the place about putting CD labels on their CD/DVDs.

Could people who have burnt a lot of blank CD/DVD and USE labels please respond.

I don’t like to have any CD or DVD not labeled, so I know what the heck it is and have song list, or video information on it.

I never had problems with various types, full face, which I prefer for music because there is more room for a song list or the standard types.

I have always used Matte Finish labels.

I have used
Neato (full and standard),
Avery Afterburner full face labels (my favorite, but I do not use them anymore because the price is too high, especially because they only sell them in low quantities)
Meritline full face matte (they are the cheapest garnbage in the world, they software format is off for them so they never line up as they should. Cheap garbage).

I used to use a Canon S750 jey printer, great printer, but went to my son.
Canon i850 - Great printer

Sometimes I do simple black and white, sometimes I put pictures on there, totally varies.

People who use them all of the time, do you think that label problems are a myth, I do.

My opinion is if the DVD or CD reader or stand alone player is of low quality (price has nothing ot do with quality), and they run very hot or the printer is crappy (like the newer outsources HPs, the HPs from a year and older are excellent, but t hoses days are gone), maybe there will be problems.

But that problems anyone has had are more due to poor readers/players which will cause othjer problems anyway.

Please tell me about your experiences and opinions !!

I experienced it myself, and it’s a given fact, that the glue of the labels damages the dye on a CDR. I guess that the same goes for DVD media.

Seems like more than a good reason not to use these labels…

I know thee are some stores that rent Videos that have labels on every one of their DVDs and no problems.

For those who use labels and have burn on a regular basis, please can you post.

it’s not a good idea to use labels, As if you put the label on incorrectly or it has a bit of junk under it (like dirt), It can throw the disk out of whack while it is spinning. This can cause all sorts of problems

I agree, I’ve heard nothing but bad things about sticky labels.

I just buy blank sleeve DVD cases. Then make up some nice looking covers and all is well.

From what I was told from someone who has sold millions of labels that a few years ago there was an issue with some adhesives, but not an issue for quite a while.

If you just look at retail stores and on the web, the number of labels for CDs and DVDs has increased dramatically as has sales of blank media.

I still think any problems are due to older equipment and older labels and is more rumor than fact.

I know that people post on forums usually post about problems, I want to hear about people who use them on a regular basis.

If they were so bad, their would be lines outside of stores looking for their money back and suing companies.

I think it might be a leftover from older equipment and labels.

Just buy the printer that prints directly onto the cd. I have the Canon i965 works great, the cd-r used that are printable are TDK, currently they are the only ones that have the printable area.
And yes the cd & dvd labels do peel off in time, especially the ones that u use in cd players (music) due to constant use. Not a pretty picture trying to get your cd out of your car cd player when the adhesive has started to peel off.:rolleyes:

yes, i have the Epson Stylus Photo 900 and it has the option to print on cds. you get a little imput for the back of your printer and you can buy printable cds (not sure about dvds but anyone who knows where to get me on the web can you please tell me) and it jus prints it straight on. the quality is great and no sticky labels.

I’ve used to print with an ink jet printer and the images looked nice but smudged too easily. I currently print with an Everest printer and the images and quality are amazing. The only negative is that the printer is quite expensive. www.cdprintexpress.com

For the Canon i965 (aus) $548, great little printer, you should see the photos that it prints from the digital camera, just awesome.

Haven’t found any DVD printable ones yet still looking, I would never use sticky lables again after using this printer.:cool:

Verbatim has printable DVD+/-R blanks.

Really, I must look into that… thanks for the info :smiley:

I wasn’t aware of the problems, or supposed ones with cd labels. So far I haven’t had any problems. But I’m a firm beleiver in the fewer moving parts something has, the less chance of something breaking. I’m going to have to check out the printable cd’s. I prefer to keep things looking as professional as possible. What do the Big Guys use? When you buy dvd’s they have pics printed on them. Or are we back to printable Cd’s?

I know you can also buy RitekG04 DVD-R’s with printable surfaces as well.

Originally posted by cgb611
What do the Big Guys use? When you buy dvd’s they have pics printed on them. Or are we back to printable Cd’s?

They use printable CD/DVDs. The CD/DVDs that you buy are printed on. No labels.

The only problem I ever had with labels was in leaving some labelled CDs in my car one summer. It can get pretty warm here in Souther Cal during the day and the labels bubbled up. The one left in the CD player wouldn’t eject until the temp cooled down. The lesson learned was to just use markers for the CDs destined for the car. I started buying better quality labels and have had no other problems. I now prefer the glossy ones. A good applicator (like the one that comes with Stomper) is a necessity.

I use labels and I never had problems before. But you have to be REALLY CAREFUL sticking on the labels. Make sure the CD is clean, the label is made of good quality, etc.

I never left my CDs in a hot place before, so I never had a problem with labels peeling off. But thanks for the heads up rmunde! I better keep that in mind.

I’ve tried labels on cds in the cold uk, and have had issues with some car players refusing to eject, and some home cd players refusing to read. I was lent a printable dvd-r with some data on it, and it could only be read in my dvd burner. Not sure if it was just that disc as that was before I knew about kprobe. What I do know is that he burnt 3, and one of them was printable and only the printable one gave trouble. I haven’t researched into it or anything, just going off what’s happened to me already. Will check it out when I get fussy again, right now I just can’t be bothered - I like my blue marker :bigsmile: