Who uses ANYDVD with NERO Recode/BURN only?

Who successfully uses ANYDVD with ONLY Nero Recode2 and Nero BURNING ROM (DVD files) mode???

Anything special you did, or it just works good, or BAD?

I do, with no probs. I stopped updating Nero at after that I had many probs with 0.3 and the next one, so I’m sticking with what works great for me.

AnyDVD, NeroRecode to Image File than Express to burn the image. Sometimes I Recode to a Hard Drive folder than let Burning Rom burn the DVD, but I like the simplicity of the Image file/Express burn.

I use AnyDVD with Nero Recode all the time with no problems. I find it is faster than Shrink and the quality is good. Usually just Recode and burn with Nero.

Great, and glad it works smoothly. I just wanted to to get the word so I didn’t make any coasters.