Who to contact for retail DVD gone bad?



Hi…not sure where to post this or even where to start. I have a copy of Gladiator (regular retail wide screen) that has been viewed maybe 2 times. Went to watch it the other day for the first time in a couple years and it would freeze up in about every player I tried so I decided to scan it on my PC…not looking so good I would think. Any one know where you would start or if there is even a warranty on retail DVD movies? Doesn’t seem like they should just go bad like this…



Sadly I don’t think there is any kind of warranty on pressed DVD video/movies discs. Check the editor’s website, who knows.

It’s very uncommon for pressed DVDs to go bad like this, it looks like a disc that has been stored in very bad conditions (heat, direct sunlight…) or roughly handled. I’m not saying it’s the case :wink:


Even if there’s no warranty explicitly stated on the box, try contacting the manufacturer directly. I once contacted Sony over the recording quality of a CD I purchased. They sent me a padded mailer, tested the disc (found no problems of course), and then offered me a new disc or a full refund. Worth a try. If you get them on the phone and waste enough of their time, they’re bound to give you something.