Who to blame? Memorex 8x DVD-R

I have a plextor 712a and some Memorex 8x DVD-R I just bought yesterday.

It only writes in 4x. even the plextor tool tells me I can write in 4x.

since its not the recommended DVD-R is it my fault?

or memorex has a big 8x on the DVDs so is it their fault?

or since plextor is not supporting the DVD is it their fault?

or should i just shut up and buy a better blank DVD next time?

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I would say its a bit of all :slight_smile:

What’s the media ID code of these discs?

I would guess that probably they use a new type of dye which is not yet supported by PX712. However do not dispair … there is still a good chance that a further firmware update will fix this problem (e.g. add support for this type of dye, so it can be burned at its certified speed) …

So you either write it at 4x now (if it gives good results and you’re patient enough) or wait until Plextor releases a new firmware which might add support for this media, and meanwhile use other discs which are already supported, so you don’t waste 8x media at 4x …

oh… Thank you.

Well I’m not in a hurry so, 4x is fine for right now.

I hope the Memorex DVD is stable though.

Thank you for the reply.

My 712A burns Memorex (RICOHJPN) DVD+R 4x at speed 8x for about 7:30 minutes. It burns the supplied media Yuden 8x at speed 12x for about 6:40 minutes (the same ISO, 4.7GB).

For a shy 1 minute different, I wouldn’t buy 8x medias unless a minute is very worthy for you. For me, jumping from HP 200i 2.4x (30 minutes per disk) is already a huge different.

So the question is: Why did you buy 712 that is capable of 12x?

  • when I was searching 708A and 712A, here in the US the price is only $20 different. There is one online store (a good one) that sells 712 very cheap
  • I will wait until all fw fixed and 8x medias as cheap as 4x.

Then by the time 8x media is cheap, 716A is out!! … oh well… that’s life. :bigsmile:

Memorex buys media from many different vendors. What is the media code of the discs. Chances are that Memorex branded it at 8x, but the media is marginal and will only write at 4x. Use DVDINFO Pro or Plextor’s CDVDInfo, or other utility to read the vendor code on the discs. he media probably was tested by Plextor and only found to write good at 4x, so the drive limits the write speed.