Who Still Uses WinMX?

I do. Still a lot of people online too. With PiePatch, that is. I get good results and less clutter… but it doesn’t hurt to use Ares too. The only reason why I’m askin is cause WinMxGroup shut down. Just wanted to see who still does.

Ditched WinMX a long time ago :expressionless:

Loved it at the time though :wink:
Much less CPU bandwidth compared to torrent :stuck_out_tongue:

ditto, except it was more like they ditched me.:wink:

Lol so what do you all use now?

Ktorrent … but I used Utorrent in winxp :wink:

What really killed MX for me was the proliferation of Upload prevention programs which stopped all WinMX uploads. Towards the end, I was uploading Gigabytes of data, and no files completed in over a month, despite hundreds of seeds? having each of the files.