Who Still Use's A CD Writer

Just sitting here feeling curious… who here still use’s a cd writer for cdr burner ?? i still use my trustie Plextor 2410A to burn my cds. Not really sure if cd writers are better for burning cds than dvd writers, i would guess so although some dvd writers have great cd burning. Opinions??

Was thinking of getting a Liteon LTR-52327S just incase my plex ever packed up and just for the good ol days :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
What ? :confused:

Is that like felt tip man ? :doh:

Where can I find out about these / are they new ? :bigsmile:

Only joking my last cdr was Plextor SCSI can’t remember model no: :o

although i occasionally burn CDs in my 716s, i prefer to use my Plex Premium…

I still use my liteon cd writer even though i have dvd writers as well (use it all the time for data with nero maybe just habit)

Just got rid of my last ones. TDK 16x10x40a and a Lite-On 2401b.

Givin’ away my last DVD-ROM drive too.

Now I have 4 DVD burners including the one in my new eMac. Prices have dropped so far it seems like there is no reason not to get one if you need an optical drive.

No more cd writer in all 5 machines. :stuck_out_tongue:

still use my plextor premium to burn Cd’s.

Not only do I no longer use CD writers, I no longer use CDs, period. :wink:

U dont use cds peroid… what about music cds ?? programs that that only take up about 200mb ??

Oh the Liteon i may grab to was the SOHR-5238S not the LTR-52327S.

No music CDs. All converted to MP3 and put onto data DVDs. The only devices that I use to play music is my MP3 player and my computer, so I have no need for music CDs.

And no program CDs, either. Every program CD that I get is converted into a CD image and then burned, along with other CD images, to DVD. Pop in the DVD and mount the necessary images. Faster, and I don’t have to switch discs as often (esp. for program CDs that are multi-disc).

Only time I use CDs are for booting, but it’s rare.

I like to everything as condensed and centralized as possible, so I love DVDs. :wink: I can’t wait until I can convert all my photos from DVD storage (current all my pictures take up 5 DVD discs–and I of course have backups of those discs stored in physically different locations) to BD storage so that I could squeeze 'em all onto just one disc. :slight_smile:

Fair Enough…

To me, the web. :slight_smile: (I can nearly always download thousands of complete albums without making the legal authorities enemies and it’s practically faster and easier than finding and reading DVD disks back.)

CD = Cash Dispenser. :bigsmile: The CD machines are still in use at banks and CVS stores here including within 1km from my home but CD’s just as obsolete and forgotten as floppy and serial 9-pin mouse.

When internet connection is not present, SD or CF should work better than CD, much smaller and faster. It was like 32MB a few years ago but now 2GB SD 150x (about 20MB/s) is common.

I usually also use my Plex Premium whenever I do a CD, which isn’t all that often really. The DVD drives I have will burn CD’s just fine, but I have the Premium, might as well use it. :slight_smile:

I still use them for burning audio disks from restored vinyl Albums.Also if someone needs something I have and dont want to put it on a SD or similar device I might not get back i’ll put it on a CD. CDs are dirt cheap. I’ll keep using the LTR-52327 till it dies.

I still use CD-writers, but only for decoration. :wink:

I still love my Plextor Premium.
The writing qualitiy on TY is nearly prefect, so I use it for my Audio-CDs

I still use my Sony CDW-900E and CDU921S-PR and customized CDU948S to burn Audio CDs or master discs (because these Sony drives are able to write PMCD and can handle the R-W subcode in lead in of discs) together with my Plextor PX-40TS and Plextor PX-W1210TS (only used for reading). Most DVD writers and newer CD-R writers are not able to do mastering stuff (the only newer drive which is able to do it is the Plextor Plexmaster-01 or -02).

I still use my Asus CRW-5224A on my old Win98 system for copying safedisc protected cds. Hasn’t failed me yet. :slight_smile:

wow… more people than i thought still use there cd writers.

Yes, but mainly for C1/C2 scanning my CD-R/RW burned in DVD writers. :smiley:

But also use my CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive here at work, where I don’t have a DVD burner. Remember that many people will still use CD-R Writers on their old PCs or in their work environment. :slight_smile: