Who still reads books?



Books are becoming less and less popular. Although there’s still a fair share of earth-people that like to read, the number of readers is getting smaller. Modern techniques, including the internet, are partially to blame for that.

Who of the CD Freakers likes to read books? And if you don’t read books… why is that? Because you don’t like to do so? No spare time? Lost your library card?

I didn’t read any book for over 7 years. Last summer I bought me a copy of The DaVinci code by Dan Brown. It felt strange to read again (I only read magazins and studybooks), but it felt good as well. I think I’m going to read some more.


I like very much to read books. I prefer books instead of any modern technology because a book is more “human” for me

And don’t need any battery to be read :bigsmile:


I read every single day, serious stuff too. Doesn’t everyone? No, I’m not kidding, I can’t get to sleep at night unless I read for at least a half-hour. Just wait 'til you get old. :stuck_out_tongue: Currently reading “Inside the Soviet Army” by Viktor Suvorov.


Ditto!! Although most of mine are Novels, Clive Cussler, Dean Koontz, Dale Brown, Tom Clancy, ect. Probably read about three books a month.:iagree:


I don’t read as much as i used to, but i still read at least one book per month. Mainly novels but also some serious stuff as well.
Like fritzi93, i like to read in bed.


Well not to give the wrong impression of this sex goddess…but i also read…the last few books on the nightstand have been

Eragon -Inhertance Trilogy first in the series-
Eldest -Inhertance Trilogy second- by Christopher Paolini

those are great fantasy books if you like the Harry Potter series…I love the dragon too…:wink:

and i’m reading Cathrine Coulter’s book Point Blank at the moment…:smiley: so don’t tell me how it ends…


I got bored of reading. I started reading a book a few months ago (Spanish Steps by Tim Moore) but I stopped after 2 months. Never really bothered to start again.


Currently working on the second volume of Hunter Thompson’s “Gonzo Letters”. I not only read, I still buy books. I like the fact that books I bought 40 years ago can still be read no matter what the technology.


Current book I am reading (not as much time to read as I would like to though) is http://www.undutchables.com/


I’m reading less than I used too (time issue :frowning: ).

I still have some books from Nietsche that I’ve to read.

I also like to read books from T. Goodkind, F. Herbert, S. King & T. Williams.


I read all sorts of stuff. I tend to stick to the classics. I’m currently reading Hemingway and Tolstoy. But I also like to read comics… Batman is cool.

Used to read a little everyday. Now I read more on the weekends.


I am and have always been a huge reader, like my mother. I have an enormous collection of books that I read again and again, as the mood strikes me. My mother and I, and a few people I know, have the ability to look past the words (they disappear) and see the events in the book as if they were happening on TV. If I’m left alone I can devour a standard novel in about 5-6 hours, and a longer book in about a day. Reading is the ultimate escape for me, as it takes me away from pain and stress. While I was 9 months pregnant and home on maternity leave, I went to the library and borrowed the Harry Potter series (books 1-4 at that time) that I had heard so much about. I stayed in bed and read all four in less than a week. I didn’t want to leave that universe. I have several series that I love to dive into sometimes. My favorite two are both written by Anne McCaffrey: the Dragonriders Of Pern series, and the Talents series, which is comprised of two series that tie together (the Pegasus books and the Rowan books). I hate e-books, because they kill my eyes, and I’ll never get into books on tape because I never really go anywhere. So, the bound-paper book will always be a huge part of my life, and it saddens me that less people feel that way anymore… :sad:

Are you kidding? A sex goddess with a brain? What could be sexier?
I’m reading Eldest right now. I loved Eragon, but I would probably compare them to The Lord Of the Rings, because the style is incredibly similar.


I usually read a lot of books when i’m on holiday. I can easily complete a Harry Potter or a Terry Goodkind novel within 3 days if i have the time for it.


Do Hustler articles count?.. cause I get off reading about womans personalities. :cool:


Reading books are awesome. Reading off a screen could never replace
the experience.


i read very often books, now im reading The Runaway Jury [John Grisham] (in english) not for school, just for fun haha :stuck_out_tongue: … it doesn’t matter to me if it’s english or dutch, although english is ofcourse a bit harder. i started reading when i was like 4 and never stopped loving it :smiley:


Every day - history mostly - you couldn’t invent some of the things that people have gotten up to during the last few thousand years. Fact is far stranger than fiction.


Diana Gabaldons latest book from Outlander series due out at the end of the month! yay!


Books? You’re funny!


Actually I’m quite surprised that so many people still read books. Most ppl I know don’t find the time or the patience to read a book. They prefer to read stuff on the internet, watch TV or go to a bar… but they don’t like reading books.