Who sells RICOHHJPN R03

I was looking through some old dvd’s and found Man of Fire (great movie) so I decided to test it. This movie was burned at 4x on a TDK 4x DVD from cosco.

The disc has better quality scans then the dvd’s I am burning now. I was just wondering who sells dvds with this media code Im using an LG GSA 4163 and a DW-1620 at the time of burning, that I still have.

Where do you live? In Europe you can find these discs here

oops forgot to mention that I live in Toronto Canada where health care is free and gays can get married. I was also wondeing who sels them as branded dvd’s like from a big box store


Some Memorex 16x +R is RICOHJPNR03, but that’s a crapshoot. Apparently Office Depot-branded 16x DVD+R is the same code. And then there’s Dynex 16x DVD+R, sold at BestBuy. Be warned though, the 8x and 16x Ricoh media isn’t anywhere near as excellent as the 4x discs, in terms of PI/PO levels. You’d be better off seeing if you can find some TDK or Sony 4x DVD+R which should be RICOHJPNR01.

Sweet thanks, I have to go out and get some to try out.

I have some Ridisc Extreme with Ricoh R03, looks very crappy:


Yeah but then again I highly doubt that that Ridisc Extremely (Crap) is grade “A” RICOH according to RICOH.

If you’re in Canada, I think Futureshop carries Dynex brand media, their 16x media is RICOHJPNR03.


Nope, With Dynex it depends if you get a good or bad batch. Which is just the same as the E-net brands like Ridisc and Datawrite.

There is some good media on the market and I don´t know why someone needs Ricoh R03. R02 looks better, TY and MCC too.

R02 isn’t much better than R03 IMO, aside from one superb batch of Fuji R02 I got (5 -color pack in jewel cases).

Im just looking for good media, and I had good luck with the TDK branded R01. Do the R02’s burn at 16x or 12x on a GSA 4163 A105

the best are TY from blankmedia.ca not far from you. I have some DVD-R 4x that my NEC 3500 burns at 12x and some DVD-R 16x - both play perfect on any DVD player I had a chance to try. :slight_smile:

Authentic Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media, made to the highest standards. Highest quality, suitable for duplication and public distribution.
Features archival quality AZO metal dye for today’s longest archival playback capabilities.

Should last up to 100 years or longer in normal cool dark storage conditions.


TY is more to recommend than Ricoh

Should last up to 100 years or longer in normal cool dark storage conditions.

I wonder who would believe that??

I tried blankmedia.ca and out of a 50 pack none of them burned at over 8x with good results and even 8x was high some discs skiped. Im giving the same media but from ncix.com a try, if they ever get it in stock. been waiting a week today for it. Tried it on my DW 1620 and GSA 4163B

Never had a chance to scan but I also used Benq DVD-r 8x from FS - they burn at 12 and from a 100 pack I got one with errors when verified in Nero. All rest of them also play well (no skipping, freezing) in the same players.
Maybe you want to try those?

Don’t know about the Wal-mart over in Ontario. The ones here have MIJ Sony 8X+R which is TY T02 for $19.77 a 50 spindle. Burn extremely well with the 4163 @12X and with the BenQ as well. So why bother with the Ricohjpn R03 which can’t even give a decent burn with the 4163 @12X.

RICOHJPNR02 burns at 12x on the 4163B. It’s been that way since A100. I have used TDK 8x DVD+R RICOHJPNR02 on my 4163B. While the discs are perfectly readable, the scans of the burns are not that good, even when burned at 8x, as compared to say Verbatim 8x DVD+R or TY 8x DVD+R. It really is not the best media for a 4163B.