Who said Ritek BD-R degrade over time?



Just wondering, because Ritek in the CD-R days were good in my opinion. Then they had the nightmare Ritek G05 DVD-R 8x discs, which killed everyone’s opinion of them.

Here’s a post I’ve made in the aging and older BD-R scans thread http://club.myce.com/f33/aging-older-bd-r-re-media-scans-326368/index5.html#post2736006. This Ritek disc has gone for over 2 years with barely any degradation. I would say zero degradation due to the fact of dust, the age of my BD-R drive and my 8x scan speed.

Does anyone actually know of any rock solid evidence of Ritek BD-R discs degrading? Because we could be avoiding good cheap discs for nothing…


Now I need to find some of my old RITEK BD’s and scan them again.
Fingers crossed that they will still work.


Maybe you can nudge folks to rescan any Ritek they have, considering:

It’s possible there was just an issue with how the discs were stored for those affected in the above threads, and no one thought to check. People came to this realization for non-Ritek discs thought to be of good quality: refer to the exchange between Stereodude and txenglan around post 1000 in http://club.myce.com/f44/liteon-ihbs112-ihbs212-ihbs312-313469/index41.html and xB^'s results in posts 43 & 44 here http://club.myce.com/f179/cmc-magnetics-bd-r-320763/index2.html#post2724570 …maybe the same thing happened to the allegedly poor Ritek discs.


Albert, that’s very interesting. I’ve actually noticed the indentations caused by cd/dvd wallets myself. I suppose if they’re overly tight and stacked wrong, it could cause major issues on a BD-R since the recording layer is so close to the bottom of the disc.

My riteks are all still in the spindle but I have put other brands in wallets. Will be doing some scanning tomorrow to see if cd/dvd wallets have affected them.


My Ritek BD-R discs lasted 3 to 4 years without me noticing deterioration. Then they were unreadable. All were BR2-000 mid code, and all were stored in individual slim cases.

The Memorex discs lasted 3 years, the Ridata made it another year.


I had exactly the same experience as Kerry56 with Ritek BR2-000. I had about 40 discs that were unreadable after 3 years or so and had to replace another 200 to be on the safe side. They were all sored in standard Blu-ray cases.

I’d never use Ritek again.


I see. Considering mine are still younger than the 3 year age, I wonder how long they will last. I’ll have to inspect them on a regular basis to see what happens.

So it is confirmed that even with correct storage, people have had degradation issues!

I will continue to log my Ritek scans here (perhaps a little more frequently than once per year) and will scan some additional BR2 discs also.