Who said computers don't make mistakes?



SUSE is pretty cool and I am getting bored, so I thought what the heck, download the sukka. :cool: But I was surprised when it was not tracking the download correctly. Never saw this before. It also started off with the progress bar complete and went the other way as it downoaded. Now, the status bar is empty. :eek: Plus I get to show off my download speed which is correct. :stuck_out_tongue:


And you wonder why they need a paper trail. :rolleyes: :eek:


One of the best I’ve seen. Thanks.


What about my 32 gig cd? :cool:


LOL, nice one :D, and 473kb/s are nice too. I’m happy with 80kb/s


whoa … i get 50KB … :stuck_out_tongue:


Aye, I get around that speed too. :slight_smile:


classic one crabby :slight_smile:

Nosmartz is cryin…he gets only 6k a second


I once was given a floppy disk which said it contained somthing in the region of 1.5Gb of stuff on it with a further 3.6Gb free.

Looks like your getting more Linux for your money there. 118%. Wonder whats in that extra 18% :slight_smile:


Wow damn fast 473KB/s. How about this one? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Watch out or Kenshin will come and spank you!


The latest news I heard he’s using dial-up modem in his new place… j/k. Where is Kenshin anyways…


Hm… I have over 50 56K modems here never used in this century. :iagree: 2 weeks ago, I was still near Gwangju, barely able to use a computer surrounded with smoking and gaming children. (I’m now back near Seoul.)

Since this is 2005, most people with computers in South Korea can enjoy HDTV and VDSL/FTTH, but wasn’t it over a decade ago when Bill Gates wondered loudly “what if internet… for free or nearly free?” Average cost to have VDSL/FTTH here is about US$15-US$30 per month which is about US$500-US$1K in just 3 years. For people who sometimes need to download and upload at 100Mbps or over but use Internet just less than 10 hours (or 1TB bandwidth) in a month on average, basic-rate service must be free.