Who said 812S can´t burn -R´s at 8x speed


We all know Litey´s love good quality +R media…
So, just for fun I popped a Verbatim DVD-R (MCC-02RG20) into my beloved 812, right now on default firmware US0Q and burned a movie.
Burn at 8X with Nero Express

Perfect result. :smiley:

My setup. 812 is connected as master on primary IDE-channel. The HDD drive (source) is slave on same controller.
Kinda unusual configuration, I know but I always try to put the drive on test at most difficult conditions. :cool:
My secondary master is occupied by my NEC 3500.

Comments welcome. :wink:

Nice burn,pinto2! They work well with -R media too, just have to stay away from the cheap stuff!

I wouldn’t call Verbatim Pastel Disk DVD-R 8x (TYG02) “the cheap stuff”. Though it didn’t work, at least for me. I’ve got my first ever $1,5 DVD coaster.

Sorry about that. But, then you are using Sony firmware…

Note. My test was done on default 812 firmware US0Q. :wink:
Right after “converted” back from “at 832”.

This is probably the best 8x -R burn I’ve gotten with my 812S. Still not that great compared to burns from my ND-2500A.

I have soem questions for you:
Have you used original TYG02 strategy or not?
How much TYG02 you burned before you achieved that undoubtedly good result?
How looked those previous burns? Especially, the first one?
Could you please make a transfer test of this disk in a high speed (12x-16x) DVD-reader? I found that not all good looking (from the point of view of PI/PIF scans) look also as good when you consider transfer chart.

I used the original TYG02 strat. I don’t have any previous burns using that firmware I’m afraid.

My 812S@832S likes the Ritek G04’s just fine.

Check this out:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=696366#post696366

Just @4x I know. But still a good burn for questionable media.

While I’m thinkin about it. Pinto you got any recommendations for good 8x strat for the Ritek G04’s?


burning even Sony 4X@4X it has been a problem for me!!


While I’m thinkin about it. Pinto you got any recommendations for good 8x strat for the Ritek G04’s?

G06 strat works fine for 8x
also these strats are known to work with G04 - MCC03, MBI 03RG30, MCC 02RG20, GSC003, MXL RG03, Ritek G06

Thx for the reply, I’ll give em a try.

What’s the best strat for Verbatim -R x4 Mcc01rg20 using 1633s at 4x or 8x burns?
I used Sony08D 4x burn and here is result.Still no good.
I couldn’t find better strat.
please reply… :cool:

This is a pretty decent TYG02 burn from my 812S, fw US0N, scanned with my PX-712A at High Accuracy. I used the Codeguys utility to clear the EEPROM beforehand.

MCC 02RG20 seems to be one of the few -R media that consistently (at least in my case) produce fairly good burns on the 812S.

good media, good result.


I’ve only used 8x -r media with my 812s…go figure (If I wouldn’t have read this post I wouldn’t have thought this was an issue for some people).

Here’s Kprobe and Q-Check scans of the same disc.

Sorry, you guys are way to advanced for me with all those tests and jargon :slight_smile:
I just need some basic help. I live in Australia has an 812s burner and until now have used Ritek G05 (dvd-r). Unfortunately I’ve been getting about 1 in 5 coasters, which for me is unacceptable. I am now getting the idea (please correct me if I’m wrong) that 812s dont care much for Ritek dvd-r?

Am I safe to use other dvd-r or should I only by dvd+r.
Also…could someone recommend media around the same price as the ritek which would be better for my burner.

Thanks a lot


What firmware are you using?

Do you know how to use Omnipatcher?

If yes you should try to switch strategy fro g05 to g06, that gave me really good results.

If not you’d better read some of the forum about this program if you want to get the best out of your burner.

In any case I can just suggest you to use +R. For the sggestion related to the media to buy I’m inItaly and I don’t have any idea about Australian sellers.