Who rebadges the Benq 1600/1620?

I’d like to buy a 1620 locally, to try it out. I saw one thread that said IO Magic rebadges the benq. True? Any others? Thanks.

IO Magic does NEC rebadges, i’m not sure about Benq, Enlight in the UK rebadge DW1620

BenQ DW1620=[ul][li]Philips DVDR1640p[]Philips DVD8631 (Dell)[]HP 630VI (some)[]HP 630c[]MSI DR16-B[*]Enlight 1620[/ul]
Those are all the ones I know of. I’m sure there are others.

I picked up this IO majic drive from circuit city a while back. To my suprise what was boxed in it was infact benq 1620 drive with the G series firmware.
Not bad for a 59.99 drive after rebate…

Picture on the box doesn’t look like a BenQ - volume control, headphone jack, play button - was it different inside?

Not sure everyone can count on I/O Magic consistently selling BenQs, though. Their web site doesn’t even have a picture of the drive - they may simply buy the cheapest drive du jour.

I guess it’s a liteon :).

Not to mention the screen shot only shows a 12X drive

I have heard of other people getting BenQ 1620 in that I/O Magic 12x drive box.
I/O Magic also uses the 1620 in their 16x drive box.
As Reven said though, I/O Magic will use anything so don’t count on it being 1620 forever…

I bought an I/O Magic 16X DVD Rewriter on the 8th of October, From Staples, It Was A Benq 1620. I knew it was a BenQ before I bought it. I/O Magic Support gave me the link to BenQ for firmware updates before i bought it. So i would think that most if not all I/O Magic 16X DVD Rewriters are BenQ 1620’s. Here is the link to I/O Magic Firmware Page, you will see they only show BenQ at botton of the page and the Frimware is BenQ.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check out circuitcity and see if they have any IO magics.

Picked up the IO Magic 16x today. It is a Benq 1620. What firmware is recommended?

WOW you got ripped off!!! I should get mine for 22$ and some change once I get my rebate. They were willing to pricematch Staples (79.99 -10%) but wouldn’t give me a rebate slip. So I just downloaded BOTH rebates off their website.


My Burner started out as a Generic burner withI “G” firmware but I’m now ID’d as BENQ DW1620 with B7M9 firmware.

renegade44 > You shoulda got 2 lol

I got the last one, besides the way the price is dropping on DVD burners I didn’t want to mess with selling on e-bay. :wink:

Nu-tech DDW-163. I bought Nu-tech DDW-163 instead of BenQ DW1610 because there were 10 Verbatim 16x DVD+R, Mitsubishi Chemical MCC004, media. Price cannot be compared to those in the US or in Europe because most other IT products are equally 30-50% more expensive in South Korea.

First with G7M9

After updating to B7P9

Kenshin > You got 10 free or what?

I know that Nu was using the same Nexperia chipset for the 8x burners. You’re saying that for 16x, Nu is just outsourcing to BenQ completely? Whoa.

Included. I paid over 100 USD. The company that sells Nu-tech drives also sells Verbatim 16x MCC004. They now sell DDW-163 bundled with 10 MCC004.

BenQ drives are not popular in South Korea because LG and Pioneer drives are cheaper. (Likewise, South Korean drives are not popular in Taiwan.)

I thought everyone knew that. Perhaps nobody wanted to buy Nu-tech drives anymore because of the poor performance associated with Nu-tech 8x DVD writers on CDFreaks and that was why I couldn’t find the upgrade path for my DDW-163 to BenQ retail firmware. It was the same OEM-to-retail as other BenQ OEM drives.

My DDW-163 was manufactured in September 2004, in China. Too bad I don’t have any drive manufactured in November.

At first, I thought of cancelling the order because it didn’t arrive on the next day and the importer company promised to call me back after some phone conversation with me, but haven’t even until now. KBench.com sold the drive for 118,000 Won. Like eBay, KBench takes some of the profits but they mostly provide just the space and service while actual resellers do the handling and shipping (sometimes via KBench) and so KBench asked me whether I wanted a refund. Too late for that so I opened the 10-disc pack and flashed the firmware several times.

A brief history of firmware:

DDW-163 H
DDW-163 K
DDW-163 M
DW1600 G
DW1620 M
DW1620 P
DVDR1640 2.2
DVDR1640 2.4