Who posts most?

Who posts most on LR forum?

Who posts most on RH forum (including its sub-forums)?

Who posts most on p*** forum (including its sub-forums)?

Who posts most on Media forum (including its sub-forums)?

And so on.

Though Namoh often talks about post limit, he seems to post as many as I do. :wink:


And more than Sexy_Southerner is posting.

Some candidates:

  1. bcn_246
  2. Sexy_Southerner
  3. Kenshin
  4. Da_Taxman
  5. rdgrimes
  6. code65536
  7. Ssseth
  8. Namoh
  9. Airhead
  10. debro
  11. Jamos
  12. Mr. Belvedere
  13. Dee-ehn
  14. Dee-27
  15. cerberus

I forgot to add the poll so leave a reply instead. :slight_smile:

Namoh: average 3.46 posts per day!!

The link doesn’t work? :confused:
No matches?

A poll would be nice.

Strange. It works well for me.

Then start from here. :slight_smile:


BTW, your most recent 250 posts were made since last weekend. Over 50 posts per day this week. :bigsmile:

There must be someone else who’s using my account. :iagree:

Most of the threads on LR page 1 are concluded by you now. While most of the threads on LG page 1 are concluded by me. :slight_smile: (Very few posts on LG forum by the way.)

Yep. But LR threads are “updated” within an hour by someone else, while the LG threads probably have extra 2 views and that’s it.

If LG started to sell there drives quicker in Holland/Europe maybe there would be more posts … but maybe the quality is just great, so no-one has a complaint.

3 month living room statistics

bcn_246 912 posts
Kenshin 881 posts
Namoh 745 posts
debro 702 posts
cerberus 414 posts
Sexy_Southerner 360 posts
Airhead 338 posts
Mr. Belvedere 307 posts
Dee-27 212 posts
code65536 181 posts
Ssseth 138 posts
Da_Taxman 130 posts
Dee-ehn 100 posts
Jamos 82 posts
rdgrimes 2 posts

Couldn’t possibly be me … I have an average posts count of less than 3 a day :slight_smile:

See Kenny I’m only third … you’re second. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

As if 745 for 3 months were a small number. :bigsmile:

Lol whi is rdgrimes in that list? With just 2 posts :slight_smile:

Where are you in these statistics!!? :wink:

Perhaps an admini should close it then…if only for security reasons :wink:

Looks at nickname … you really knew, what you had to pick didn’t you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it’s Namoh !

and where are me?!? :wink:

I didnt think Kenshin posted nearly as much as me :eek:

Is the statistics available to anyone? Where?

I used the search. to find all posts for each user, there’s no statistic table :frowning: