Who owns the copyright?

I just posted the article Who owns the copyright?.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about the interesting case of how Shawn Hogan decided to fight the MPAA over the lawsuit they filed against him.As described in the article, it seems…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12606-Who-owns-the-copyright.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12606-Who-owns-the-copyright.html)

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Oh well, with his deep pockets, he may have lifted a lid on a small can of worms! But then again, given the size of the nightmarish multithreaded corporate maze and shield that MPAA operates from within itself, to avoid transparency and most other mundane accounting problems that beset the industry, it looks like this will only be a minor setback to this particular case! Nice reply broadside though, poking a few small holes below the waterline on the bad ship MPAA! But then again since this industry literally has both Congress and the court system in it’s back pocket, why should they worry! :c

Wait a minute. Where was the quote from the article and link and other things that used to be part of the news stories? Is this abbreviated news part of the “new” CDFreaks? :r

OK, I see the link to the article now, but no quote from it and no way to edit my previous reaction that I can see. This is not an “enhancement” over the old CDFreaks. :r

^Yeah, I’m not a fan of the new CDfreaks either. Matter of fact, I hate it.

who the f*ck puts white text on a yellow background! Did they make this website out of play d’oh?

Yeah, this site is going downhill fast. Funny how the owners of CDFreaks don’t communicate with us about how much we hate the new site. Maybe they’re in denial. We need to stage an intervention. Yeah, that’s it. :+

christ, seriously this new news submission system is making me HATE cdfreaks, admins, these kinds of news posts lately are completely OLD news and USELESS with so pathetic little information it makes me SICK!!! IF you guys want to report news, at least give us a few PARAGRAPHS of INTERESTING and RELEVANT material to read, not just two sentances, lol, geez… :frowning:

We are certainly not in denial, unfortunately many critisism is pretty harsh and contains no information on how we could improve our site besides a total redesign and recode :slight_smile: Currently everyone, including our staff members is trying to find a way on how we should make the best usage of the system, meaning content wise and design wise. Another issue is that we currently suffer from a lot of unexpected bugs that we are trying to resolve with high priority. Of course we want to listen to our readers, our readers are where our site is all about, but at this stage the critical bugs come first and then we can work with the feedback we received from you guys! So keep the feedback coming, we do appreciate it and also read all of it! What would really help is when you don’t tell us that it sucks, or goes downhill, but what we could do to improve it (and the more reasonable it is, the bigger the chances we can act upon it). Also, it would for us be much more convenient if you would post it on a centralized location such as the CD Freaks Forum Talk, this way we can aggegrate your input and solve the most important things first. What we would also love is your feedback on how you prefer our news stories to be written. I understand you love our old style, but we have good reasons to change it, I will be able to explain them in that forum as well.

Site Administrators - You state that members are being overly critical and not providing any information on how to improve the Site. It is rather simple – just read and comprehend what the Members are actually saying. Overwhelmingly members are asking you guys to go back to the way the Site was before you reworked the Site. Newer is not Better. It’s just like the Coca-Cola fiasco. Coca-Cola thought they knew better than what their customers wanted and made a “New” Coca-Cola and then after public outcry was forced to go back to the original Coca-Cola. You folks need to realize you made a mistake, admit your mistake, and revert back to the old Site format. Regards, bjkg

Horrible ! That´s all I have to say about the new site. :r

well, while we’re on the site bashing subject… it does look like someone let their 2 year old loose with some crayolas… and i only popped in for some dvd media id codes, guess it’s gotta be bad if it makes random passers by comment…

well i guess u should organize a poll with who likes the new web design and a contest with free design offers. I 'm sure there are a lot of people who can help out e

When I bashed the site, I bashed the “NEW Cdfreaks”, which you should’ve read as “Go back to the old layout” Thanks for trying something different, but this isn’t working.

DoMiN8ToR - We HAVE told you how to make it better. 1) Different colour scheme. This one is horrible. 2) Not so “loud”. Too much stuff to look at. 3) Too slow in loading. 4) Make “News” the default page. I think that should about do it. Anyone else care to add anything constructive to the list? :slight_smile:

Sorry, one more… 5) I want to be able to edit my posts if I’ve made a mistake. Thanks.

That’s a clear list DukeNukem and if we want to continue to improve on these points, I do have to ask you some other questions in return :slight_smile: 1) What kind of colours would you prefer? What colours would you suggest? 2) How do you think we could make it less loud? On these points we certainly agree with you and while I can’t promise when, I think we will fix these: 3) This is an issue we are trying to resolve by making optimisations to the code 4) This is something we can do in the future e.g. as an option for logged in users. 5) Something on our wish list as well!

I agree the site is slow as hell. I don’t mind the colors. What I do hate is that I still cant find the firmware section. I’ve given up since I have to go through loops before I can find anything. On the old site it was so easy. It was one of the most important features on this site. Now it’s screwed.

DoMiN8ToR 1) Something that contrasts. Black on light blue or white on dark blue. 2) Fewer colours. 3) OK 4) But I believe most people here look for that right off the hop. 5) Good. Also, the page is very long. If you were to widen the comment box width, then that would also help. :slight_smile:

DoMiN8ToR 1) i think all of us would agree on the old Orange/Blue colours… they were so calm, and so easy on the eye, u might like to refresh the design but use the same colours, it’s a part of the cult of CDFreaks :slight_smile: 2) same as 1 over :B :B i know how bad this option is, and how harsh it might be, throwing 18months of non-stopping work into the void, but having the REAL cdfreaks layout BACK… might be the most reasonable solution… no need to spen more time trying to fic it… it needs a complete redesign… sorry guys… i’m still lost in the new site, still hard to actually interact with News page… and with the site as a whole… how i miss the old Bug-less Colourless CDFreaks… :c :c