Who owns the Antec true blue 480 power supply?




I was wondering who owns this power supply. I just purchased it and when putting my hand by the fan in the back of it I really feel no air coming out the back of it. It is spinning of course but unlike many other power supplies I feel no real air coming out of it. Just wondering if anyone else has this power supply and if this is normal for this thing


I have this power supply and am using it with an ASUS P4P800D mother board. The motherboard has a special connector for the power supply which regulates the power supply fan speed. These settings are in the motherboard BIOS. You can change the default to get more air moving. The default is to have the fan speed directly proportional to the amount of heat. The hotter your pc gets, the faster the fan runs. Hope this helps.


I would suggest reading the manual that came with the PSU, it explains the fans pretty well. It has 2 fans, only one of which is controlled by the MB connector, and can also be left open (not controlled). As I recall, the other fan is either heat or load controlled. My True480 blew up BTW, big time explosion. :frowning: