Who or what would you want to be, if you had the choice?



Imagine… at a flee market you buy an old lamp. Upon opening, a spirit pops up and he offers you one wish: to become anyone or anything you like. You could be president of the galaxy, Madonna, a formula-1 driver or just a furry coat.

What would be your choice?




Zaphod Beeblebrox


Erroll Flinn :slight_smile:




anybody says “purple dildo”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just me! Except a little wiser and smarter.


A Swedish chef, preparing surströmming for Airhead a and Gene_S


Wouldn’t want to be a different person, but would like to drive an F1 car.


Thats the president of the galaxy to you


Nah, It’s just a dream coming true.


I want to be me, but a multimillionaire me :iagree:


A lesbian contortionist with Pamela Anderson’s body. The first thing I’d do is go down on myself. :iagree:


:clap: :clap: :clap:


Just me with a good job, but also completely fluent in every language of the world.


You wouldn’t want to be Joe Satriana? Maybe even with a mullet? :slight_smile:


Well, if I could add that as a talent, I would like to play as well as Joe Satriani, but not be him. As for having a mullet, I wouldn’t be caught dead with long hair (I see only long hair appropriate and looking best on women).


my cat… (Dang spoiled bastard) :wink:




I wish I was my mother in law cause she just won’t shut the f**k up! Her powers are extraordinary, bitch needs to die now… anytime now :smiley: