Who needs menus anyway?

ok I have done 2 back ups of the Up in smoke Tour. Both were done decrypter/dvd2one/nero. whats the difference?

Copy A = Just the movie.
Copy B = Everything with dvd2one “full” feature.


Well when i started this i wanted to achive which one was a better quality since this is what i strive for the most and menus really dont matter to me. Now the wify on the other hands wants pretty menus and all extra etc.

Copy A and Copy B to my eyes were exsactly the same in video quality.

Now Copy B extra stuff is in stereo which u cant hear or the extra sence. U cant even see the movie in stereo u must go into the audio set-up and change the audio to DD5.1 and then the movie plays fine but extra still dont play.

my conclusion

Even thoe i cant see the difference i know if i do a just the movie back up i will get a better quality since there is less to compress. so i guess the menus even thoe they look nice when they come out sometimes are useless in my case because i really cant hear the extras.

just my 2 cents…