WHo Manufactures This DVD Burner?

Fry’s Electronic has Pacific Digital 16Xby16X retail version on sale for $59.99 with no rebate required. Who is making this drive?, do you have any experience with drive?, is it Lite-ON?, BenQ?, Phlilips?, Samsung or LG?.

I would like to know also.

I believe this is it in detail


but i don’t see anything about the DL speed

can’t say for sure if box is green, but if box is yellow, check specs (2.4 dl on sticker). i got one of my benq 1620’s from pac digital. can’t remember if they use any other burners in those boxes.

a friend of mine got a PD burner 6 months ago
it has trouble burning even good Ty media and there are no F/W updates available anywhere even on their own sucky website or the firmware forum

Remove LG and Philips, replace Samsung with Toshiba, add NEC, and you’ve got the correct list of what could be inside. This is worse than the Memorex media roulette. Why play this game?

Agreed. Just go you newegg.com and get exactly what you want with no unpleasant surprise.

Agent/chas; you are right I was just try to let the forum people know there is such deal; but if inside of the box by any chance is BenQ 1655 or NEC 4550 then I would be interested.