Who manufactures this drive?



Does anyone have this Gateway Laptop and can tell me who manufactures the cd-rw/dvd combo? My boss is thinking of ordering this one for me and I would like to know if it is a liteon, LG, etc. Thanks


Your question is too generic, you have to specified your Gateway loptop model number and your DVD/CD-RW model number if not P/N inorder for people to be able to help you.


Sorry, I thought the link to the information would be satisfactory. Since the machine has not been ordered for me yet, this information is all that I know about the laptop.

Here is some of the pertinent information (from the link above).

     Gateway® M460X  Part #1008353 

The drive I’m curious about is only described as

     Modular 24x/10x/24x CD-RW / 8x DVD combo

If I actually had my hands on the machine I could most likely figure the manufacturer out for myself. I was hoping that someone, who already has this laptop or similar Gateway laptop, could inform me of which drive manufacturer they had received.

Thanks for any assistance.


The reason I ask you that question, becasued recently I purchased the same Gateway Laptop 4000 series, mine is 4026. They come with CD writer and DVD reader(CDW/DVD) the Model number is “TSST Corp CDW/DVD TS-L-462A”. I have been looking myself to find out who is really the manufacturer of this CD writer, as soon as I find out I will let you know.


TSST = Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology


JsI; Thank for the accurate and precise information that was right on the nose.


Wait isn’t that a lot of money? I don’t know a lot about laptops and even less about intel but I would look a round a little.
Isn’t this a better pc for less? :confused:
Gateway Notebook with Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 518 on sale at BB for $899.99.


Remember regardless whom you buy a laptop from you always end up with the "Motherboard with integrated Video card, Audio, Network card, wireless card all embadded in the M/B which there are mainly 3 manufacturers that make these M/Bs. Therefore in Laptop you really don’t get quality stuff and also when some thing goes wrong you can’t do anything with it, while in desktop you build or buy one with best quality components you want and you can always upgrade, repaire and replace the components.


Thanks TCAS and jsl for the information. That is exactly what I needed.




Well, my boss bought the model with the DVD burner instead. Just for those that may be searching for this information, the M460 with a DVD burner might have a QSI SDW-082 as the drive. I haven’t burned a DVD with it yet, but it burns CMC, TY and Ritek CD’s just fine. I attached the Nero info tool output for those that are curious.