Who manufactures 8x Ricoh Gold DVD-Rs?

As the title asks: who manufactures these: http://www.xpcomputers.co.nz/views.asp?hw_id=1045

And are they any good? The 8x +R’s that I have trusted as my staple disk for so long have all but dried up :frowning:

Ricoh uses CMC Magnetics and Fujfilm (by Moser Baer) for its DVD-R media.

If I remember correctly, CMC = gold, FUJIFILM = silver

Might be wrong though

I would recommend the 16x DVD+R instead of the 8x DVD-R if you want to continue with “real” Ricoh… :slight_smile:
But the 8x CMC media (under reputable brands) is also very good.


Here ,many Ricoh 16x DVD+R Gold are made by Moser Baer in India,use Ricoh MID .-Quality is average,not good as Ricoh MIT, and usually burn @12x not 16x