Who makes Wharfedale DVD recorders?

Hi everyone. Looking at getting a new DVD recorder after my philips 3380 went all technical and i got a refund (was never happy with it anyways). The Wharfedale’s in argos are very competitively priced and there speaker systems are usually top notch, but the product is obviously not made by them as there is no reference on their website! Does anybody know who makes them and if they are any good? Specifically i am looking at the DVDR24HD



I recommend PANASONIC DVD Recorders. However, you can try the best which is LITEON 5005 recorderwith a hacked firmware u can duplicate any material you wish. However, PANASONICS are the best!

Was looking at getting a panasonic but i am on a tight budget. Cant really afford any more than £100 :frowning:

It is difficult giving you a good answer on this as they are made in the east and are badged.
It depends where they get the best deal when buying in a lot of say 5-10,000 which company gets the contract.
Yes pannys are top notch but you have to pay for it, if you have a limited budget then beggars can’t be choosers.

According to the argos site it has mono sound but is HDMI. Sounds strange to me!

Samsun is very good and you can buy it with 100 Pounds.

The Wharfedale DVDR24HD, Acoustic Solutions DVD160RW300, Wharfdale DVDR24HD160, Acoustic Solutions DVD80RW300, Wharfedale DVDR24F and a few others with Crown, Bush, Goodmans, Techwood(Tesco), Asda Duraband are all clones of the same machine made by [U][B]Vestel in Turkey[/B][/U], they have a LSILogic DMN-8603 DVD recorder processor in them, but the record quality is not up to much if you compared them with other DVD recorders with Domino chips (Liteon LVW-5006) in my opinion there a bit hit and miss, hence the reason there usually under £70 for a stand alone DVD recorder.

Does Anyone have a region hack for the Wharfedale DVDR24F DVD Recorder?