Who makes this Sony 40X media?

Hey. I just picked up 5 Sony 40X blanks, marked SUPREMAS. it says 4X to 40X on the box cover. Now my writer has gone for RMA,so I can’t read the ATIP. Now the thing is, the vendor offered to exchange them if I wasn’t satisfied with them. So does anyone have any idea about the manufacturer?
You would be helping out a poor student :bigsmile:
Thanks in advance

If you look at the media tests linked below, you will see some Sony 40x media.

This Disc is designed for CD-RW/COMBO Drive Only.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 24s 15f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = SONY(40X)
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 40X

I can’t say if these were labeled “supremas” or not.

Thanks rdgrimes.
stupid me, shoulda checked at the media tests first!
thanks again for taking the trouble to reply!