Who makes this dvd writer? dynex



i just want to know if anyone has this dvd writer and who makes them? dynex 16x dvd writer…sold at futureshop.ca for 99.99 and bestbuy.ca for 79.99…thanks


I’m pretty sure that is a BTC


Sorry… OT a little… i was wondering wats e OEM for Gigabyte Go-W1616C?


The Dynex drive is an LG 4161, as I sit here and look at one in an open box :slight_smile:


Dynex must have switched suppliers then.
Previous drives were definitely BTC.


If it is an LG4161, stay away. Wait for Future Shop to have the 4163 or 4165 on sale. The 4161 is a stripped down 4160. (no DVDRAM support).


nah just buy the BenQ when it goes back on sale, better drive in my eyes. Love my 1620 that replaced my 4120 LG


Hey guys, I’m new to the forum…and the question I have is does anyone know where I can find a driver for this dvd writer? My hard drive recently died and I just installed a old 40 gb that I borrowed from a friend for temporary use. Problem is… now my dvd writer doesn’t burn dvds. I have wasted a bunch of blank dvds and have had no success. I tried burning a cd yesterday and it worked fine. So I am really confused as to what the problem could as the writer also reads dvd’s fine and allows me to watch them. I asked a friend and he said that windows drivers are generics and that I probably need a authentic driver from the manufacturer…which I have been unable to find after hours and hours of searching. I also don’t remember if a cd came with the writer and I have searched and searched for it and have found nothing. So as of now I am completely lost and the pain of losing my harddrive has doubled because now my writer doesnt work anymore. :frowning:

Thanks in advance guys…


DVD-RAM media is still ridiculously expensive. Right now, +RW media is still just as fast, and often cheaper. If the only lack compared to the 4163 is DVD-RAM support, then the 4161 is not a bad deal for a DVD burning newbie. The big gun isn’t DVD-RAM support, but Lightscribe support. Unless this group of drives can be crosspatched to support Lightscribe, I would suggest buying a Lightscribe-compliant drive instead (such as LG’s GSA-2166D).