Who makes these fkae TYG02's?

I just borrowed some DVD’s to watch from a friend. Unfortunately only two of the 4 discs are playable because they are recorded on such poor media. One of the unreadables is a Princo so no surprises there, the other one ID’s as TYG02 but I’m sure its a fake. This one just has a code of “A01” on the clear inner hub and a serial of “T1017” in the inner part of the dye. Doe anyone know who makes this junk?

BTW. I thought these were originals when I borrowed them as they were all neatly packaged in printed DVD cases with printed tops to look like original etc. I honestly don’t know where my friend got them but I guess he got what he deserves buying pirated DVD’s. These media are total junk, they cant even be re-copied to better media because they’re to far gone.

Should check it up. I should have the possible manufacturer for these.
It’s a chinese manufacturer and a quite large one.

Ok, it would be good to know. I thought maybe InfoSmart HK but wasn’t sure.

Infosmart is the biggest culprit for fake TY media so it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

There probally made by

AnYang Sunny Mastering Product Co.,Ltd /
Heinan Kairui Mastering Product Co ltd.(that’s what there sites
states.) - http://www.aysunny.com/

One of Anwell’s many disguised joint ventures in China.

On a somewhat related note, I read in the most recent issue of Wired about the Chinese finally working with the US on at least one arrest of someone sending pirated DVDs from China to the US. The Chinese were happy to help get the guy - he was an American living in China, now serving several years in a Chinese prison and when he gets out and is deported back to the US he is facing millions of dollars in fines and more prison time in the US - maybe - his family has some money so he may get out of the US prison time.

Very interesting article and ironic how the first big arrest they made was of an American. They said that the got him and the Chinese government licensed shop owner who was selling him DVDs. They did not get anyone above the shop level though - not the distributor or manufacturer of the discs…sort of laughable, unless you’re the doofus sitting in prison. :confused: