Who makes these drives

I have been told there are only 4 or 5 DVD recorder manufacturers in the world i.e Liteon, NEC, Benq.

And all other drives are just rebadged versions of their drives.

Therefore i was wondering what drives are these really,

  1. EMPREX S801E
  2. Freecom 24088

Both are external Drives. Which would you get out of the two?


ive heard of thouse two but dont know the manufacture, did you try a search?

also this might be useful, it is a list of all the liteon/sony drives. http://codeguys.rpc1.org/dvdrw_overview.html

The emprex is btc = pos
I didn’t see that model on videohelp for the freecom but among thier other drives were ones made by toshiba, nec, liteon, ricoh, btc so it could be anyone. Is thier a diffrent model number on the freecom perhaps?