Who makes the Worst CD-R`s?



Ok everyone seems to agree on the fact that Plextor makes the best cd-rs and cd-rws. so maybe this is a dumb question but im asking anyway. if someone you knew was about to buy a new cd-r or cd-rw which ones would you tell them " dont even think about buying that piece of junk!"
the reason for this is a good friend of mine is thinking about buying a new one but doesnt want to spend the money on a plex. so im just trying to be a good friend and keep them from getting ripped off. :wink:



Sanyo products…I would say…
I used to use BP1300P…the performance was great,
but Sanyo don’t release new upgrated firmwares so often.
They don’t seem to respect the owners of their products.
They make good piece of hardware and that’s it…
No support. I waited for the firmware to be upgraded and got bored to death. So if your friend wants a friendy supporting company Sanyo’s not the one…
But it hs a bright future though. Like I said they make good hardware, and it looks like they’re intrested in the upgrowing cdr business(you heard the news about the 24x cd-recorder).
If you don’t want risk anything(including your mental health:)) I stay sit back admire what they do in the future.
but it’s not the right time to buy their product now…

ps. They did a bad job on their hompage, too. They don’t seem to want any visitors.


Sanyo is the one who invented Burn Proof and licensed it to Plextor.

Support is an important aspect of a product, but when you look at overal performance and problems with hardware and/or software I think that Philips doesn’t llive up to the expectations.

Although Philips manufacturers great products, their burners often cause problems in different computer configurations. Some batches have many technical failures and have to be sent back to the supplier to be replaced…

Other than this, there are no really bad burners I think. Some brands that are not that well known (not as well known as Plextor, Sony, HP and Philips) perform surprisingly well in tests and are often found to be cheaper too…

When your friend wants to buy a decent burner, but doesn’t want to spend the money on a Plextor, consider a Lite-On bruner. It performed well in a recent test (search mainpage for it), it is shipped with 3 CDRWs and 10 CDRs. It is not as expensive as Plextor, though it offers Burn Proof. Would be my suggestion to your friend.