Who makes the very best DVD-R disc for purchase in US?


Another vote here for the Taiyo Yuden media from www.rima.com-

Let your burner burn at the firmware allowed speed for best results-IMO


If you mean to never go beyond that speed, that’sno problem for me. If you mean that there’s a minimum speed to burn at, then that’s something else. Why would a minimum speed (above 1x) be present anyway? Why would it be worse to burn at certain slower speeds?

The reason it’s often times bad to drasticly underspeed media when burning it it this:

The media’s dye was designed to be burned at a certain rate. IE: exposed to the laser energy for a certain length of time. Burning more slowly increases the amount of time the laser spends on any one portion of the disk.

If your machine SUPPORTS the writer, then it should be able to handle burning at max rated speed for that burner providede you don’t have stuff running in the background, you have sufficiant available system memory, and that your drive is defraged. There are many utilities available that will measure the sustained data transfer rate of your hard-disk and controller. I’d strongly suggest you test that. More than likely, you’ll find that your machine would support burning at speeds of 25X or faster. If that’s the case, you’re good to go.