Who makes the QSI DVD-RW SOH-042?

Hi there!
I have just bought a notebook, and along with it came a dvd-burner. The guys in the store that I bought it from, says that it should handle +, - and DL format. But when I view it in Nero Infotool it says that it can’t handle DL :frowning: Does anyone know or have heard of this burner before? Or do you know who manufactures them?

Sorry, meant QSI DVD-RW SDW-042

Ah, nevermind. Found myself, at last :slight_smile:


But it seams that their left meny doesn’t work. How typical :stuck_out_tongue:

This drive is a poor reader of any type of recordable DVD. Get rid of it if you have the choice.

Actually, I contacted the store where I bought it from, and they said that I’d got wrong burner, because there was a lack of the usuall ones. When the usuall ones arrive I could change it with the one I’ve got. Which is what I’m going to do :stuck_out_tongue: