Who makes the Promedia CD-R and how good are they?

Have a Plextor Premium and a NEC 3520. So I wonder how well these drive will burn this media (as compared to the Ritek CD-R)?


Promedia discs are, believe it or not, made by Promedia (US Page, HK Page). They’re sold as “Sky” brand in the US by yesbuy.net, and have a very poor reputation. Yesbuy was selling Sky disks with fake TYG02 media codes for quite some time; they’re some other crappy media code now. I’ve never used their CD-Rs, but would stick with Ritek if I were you.

Thanks for the info, I’ll stay away from these!

How about the following comparison, Ritex 52X against Verbatim DLP 52X?
The Verbatim costs 25% more. Are they worth it?

Yo TomMiken-

Nope - Go with the Ritek IMHO-


FWIW, I have a Korg D1600mkII digital recorder with a built-in cd burner. I bought some ProMedia 52x CD-R cds to burn with. My findings were that when set to the lowest speed, 4x, bad things happen, but when set to 16x, everything worked fine.

When I say “bad things happen”, I mean that the resulting audio cd has some scratchy, crackly static on each of the songs, and worse, when you rip those songs to mp3, the static increases significantly. Once I changed the burn speed to 16x, the problem went away.

Just thought I’d share.

This “static-like” noise appears when the C2 errors on the audio CD are in the stratosphere. I bet than even @16X, the discs still have lots of C2 errors, but they simply got just low enough for you to notice nothing special. Yet a more trained ear could well hear problems, and quality scan would show lots of C2 errors.

My point being that any media giving huge amounts of C2 errors @4X writing (even when 52X rated) must be considered as pure crap. :Z - and I bet it won’t be long before you hear scratching noise even on the @16X written discs: these el-cheapo CDRs have a tendancy to degrade very fast. :frowning:

Well it’s possible that the folks used a dye which is quite incompatible at low speeds so 4x means bad burn while 16x on some drives might work.
There do not have to be C2-errors at that speed but with Promedia I do expect that there are C2 errors.